August 21 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: The Lindsanity Edition


The expectations were low. Well, frequently low and stewing in the wicked juice of potential schadenfreude. Unfortunately, as it turns out, Lindsay Lohan’s debut as artistic adviser at Emanuel Ungaro warranted them. After yesterday’s show, no one, it seems, had anything nice to say, whether about the circuslike atmosphere or the ticky-tacky, undeveloped clothes that came down the runway. Our own Nicole Phelps described it as “a bad joke of a fashion show, one with questionable color combinations, ‘bad eighties’ draped silk jackets and drop-crotch pants, old-fashioned and ill-judged fur stoles, and, yes, tasteless sequin pasties.” WWD called it “an embarrassment,” remarking that the clothes looked “cheesy and dated.” Meanwhile, The New York Times likened Lohan’s presence at a major French house to “a McDonald’s fry cook taking the reins of a three-star Michelin restaurant.” Ouch. Well, in a way, Mounir Moufarrige got his wish. Those runway shots and the images of Lohan’s teary bow, with designer Estrella Archs, have rippled out well beyond the fashion orbit. What did you think of Lindsay’s appointment and new collection? Let us know below.

Photos: Marcio Madeira



  1. christopherpeirce says:

    Truthfully, I do not know what to make of it. I cannot tell if its good or terrible. But it is certaintly not fantastic or anything better than okay. It feels like a diffusion line of Ungaro. Apologies for my wishy washy-ness. It’s simple and boring. And looking at interviews that Mounir Moufarrige has given it seems like he is more smitten with the celebrity of Lindsay Logan and he just wants her to like him. Its just a truly bizarre match. And the match is ruining a prominent fashion house known for such beautiful things. Taking three giant steps back, in terms of seasons. Poor choice Mounir.

  2. Highsnobette says:

    Would love to pseak to them to understand the ratinale behind this choice. More here

  3. bossmama says:

    It’s sad that Topshop Unique showed more tastefully done 80′s party clothes than the respectable house of Ungaro. Clearly someone put Acid in someone’s Wheaties when they enlisted a useless celebutard to come aboard. One word will suffice. ICK!

  4. flightofthedreamer says:

    Do I have to say anything? This (once again) is a perfect example of people needing to stick to what their good at. Every designer who has pulled that celebrity “artistic advisor” BS has absolutly lost my respect. Honestly, they should expected it to be as bad. I’m accually empressed that it’s as good as it is. I suppose any one who can pick up a pen and paper can call themselfs a “designer” these days…oh, excuse me, “artistic advisor.”

  5. closetcoach says:

    I mostly feel sorry for the models. They finally land an Ungaro show and this is what they have to wear?

  6. localcookbook says:

    car wreck- car wreck- car wreck- poor lindsay actually is being used in the most merciless way. its a sad day now for all of us that we can not let the craft speak for itself. i say enough of this insanity yet i am obsessed watching it. similar to those car wreck blondes from the 1950′s. where is shirley mcclaine during all of this..maybe she could conjure up a replacement ? its too warholian for words in the end.

  7. dan21cen says:

    Where the hell did LiLo learn to make clothes? First, the cuttings are just horrid. Second, revealing bosom while you are a female? = NOT classy! Something which Mother of Harlots will like do while she even relishes her clothes. Third, the color combinations are off balance. No color harmony whatsoever! You just don’t mix shocking pink with bright orange! Maybe red but never with shocking pink! Too much contrast on bright, bold, solid colors. Next time she will come up with a orange jump suite and Elle Woods or better yet Paris Hilton will rescue her with their lovely fashion sense!

  8. Valerio says:

    I only can agree with Nicole Phelps, but also with the 2 previous comments. I’m now not alone anymore who describes celebreties as losers in the fashion world. Only their celeb name can’t sell whatever dress or piece of clothes they ‘advice or design’ especially the word design makes me laugh. They can not even nail a button on a shirt, if they draw a collection (if they can) it looks like someone who’s in a kindergarten. Let’s forget Lindsay and other celebs and go back to the real designers. Celebs are only good in promoting a brand, but they forget that they steal away the job of a real model. Before I hurt someone I end my comment. On this Blog it’s very wellknown how I think about celebs. John Lennon song once -give peace a chance- I would say give real models a chance. Arrivederci

  9. Douglass says:

    I understand the coldness of fashion press to Lindsay at her new job, but I was watching the pics, and I actually see many of those dresses to be rocked by young hollywood starlets in the coming days (the one shoulder, hot pink, the drapped whites)
    I would wear most of what I saw

  10. zincink says:

    I appreciate someone trying to create who hasn’t done so before, but honestly if you do not have a trained eye.. you should not pretend.

  11. mattp says:

    It is really quite sad when you consider hat somone like lacriox is out of a job.

  12. lilv says:

    Wow. What was Lindsay thinking? The colors, the fabric choice the styles…. Two thumbs down!

  13. nikiandromeda says:

    is horrrible!, like alibaba and the 40 thiefs….i cant express how a bad impression is…….

  14. jrseguin says:

    She’s getting the attention they wanted, even bad publicity is good publicity, right? She doesn’t have the credentials to design for Ungaro, but did Cortazar? Should they just throw in the towel…the brand is losing its identity. All of this attention makes it all the worse, there are so many amazing things happening in Paris, let’s focus on them. XO JS

  15. sophierose22 says:

    I think people wanted to hate it. there were plenty of “average” collections (Stella McCartney, Jil Sander to name a few)but this one got all the criticism. I don’t understand why Lilo would have been considered, but the madness of “celebrity” seems to over-ride talent for some reason.

  16. JohnAgee says:

    The slow, painful death of a great house. And Monsieur Ungaro is still alive to see it. What must he think?

  17. aabbottc says:

    I think the duo actually did an OK job for having a month or two to put together the collection and yes, the color choices are bit tacky and the 80′s theme a bit extreme, but I think they succeeded in trying to appeal to a younger age market. Six or seven of those mini dresses, taken by themselves and adorned with avant-garde jewelry and some svelte heeled booties would look fantastic. Pair it with a blazer and it is exactly what most young women are wearing out and about these days. Maybe the show failed in being a major fashion houses spring collection, but I think it will sell once in stores.

  18. andreverde says:

    It felt more like a copy-cat version of a few shows, toned down and revamped, but not in a wearable way.
    I only liked the 1st dress to come out, but I honestly cannot say it is original, as I have seen similar designs, one in particular came to mind:the figure-hugging-overly gorgeous and super famous dress from Balmain that I saw so many people wear, like Carine’s Daughter Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Anna Dello Russo amongst others)…

    not new… not wow…

  19. mercuryloge says:

    the world waited with bated breath for the unstoppable ms. lindsay lohan’s debut at ungaro – but debuting at what? but who cares? estrella archs presented a well-sculpted and consistent collection, almost matching this season’s offerings from balmain and balenciaga, but in vivid, exciting colors (and no ripped clothing, excessive chez balmain) – chest exposure on too many outfits was gratuitous – model selection was outstanding – sultry, central asian feline, yulia lobova, was a well-deserved 1st face, after a strong debut in fw09, & a triumphant sweep in milan in september – she set the tone for a feline-oriented model selection, which added new models while repeating a select few for 2d appearances, but, unusually, added more new models than repeated previous ones – in the very loose category of hip, edgy, but already prominent models: katie fogarty (transformed into adulthood), imogen morris-clarke (glorious season for 1 of the nicest tweeters around), anya kazakova, ali michael, jennifer messelier, melodie dagault, asia bugajska (another rarified central asian), beloved anna gushina, erdem fall 09 star alina ismailova, alex sandor, & jeneil williams – new & hip: thana kuhnen of brazil, soaring argentinean tatiana cotliar (from comey to wu to ungaro to ysl & beyond), kristy kaurova (impressive editorial work) & mathilde frachon; also, very new xue zhang & jovana; runway stars and superstars: the epic skye stracke, sheila marquez, liu wen, kinee diouf (superb color design), angelika kocheva, tanya djahileva, vivane orth, luca gadjus, kelli lumi, egle tvirbutaite, kinga rajak, denisa dvorakova, jekelienne stange, georgie badiel & last-face, appropriately a media sensation herself, irina lazareanu !

  20. leo9Hawk says:

    At first, I thought it was ludicrous.

    Now, I’m beginning to realize that it was more a not obvious enough combination of reflexive commentary on the celeb-party girl image and high fashion.

    It’s growing on me, in other words — especially the heart-shaped pasties. It all just wasn’t entirely clear enough or strong enough.

  21. mercuryloge says:

    for nights, have i lain in bed tormented, tossing and turning: was i too generous, in tweeting that the ungaro show “almost matched” the sacred offerings from balmain and balenciaga? remorse-stricken, i re-examined the slides – the great mr nicolas ghesquiere’s show is indeed considerably beyond ungaro, in inventiveness and futurism – i regretted that mr ghesquiere departed from his brief and original excursion into traditional parisian femininity last season, and returned towards brash and sometimes jarring discord – my ungaro comments were a little more accurate concerning the great mr christophe decarnin at balmain – the following outfits veer so far towards overdone, shallow, shredded street styles that it is difficult to see balmain beneath: 1, 4, 5, 7, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 24 – 26, 30, 34 & 36 – the other outfits are quite brilliant and original, and go considerably beyond anything shown at ungaro – the following ungaro outfits are distinguished and somewhat comparable to the foregoing: 1, 5, 12, 18, 24, 26, 29, 34, 36, 40 – the heart motif was way overdone – most of the other outfits i really didn’t like – however, the ones i didn’t like, curiously resembled the last series of outfits in the kenzo show, the ones curiously reserved for his impressive parade of dark-skinned models – i found the model ordering interesting, but i didn’t understand why the earlier outfits were so much nicer – so far, my fave Paris shows are Lanvin, YSL and Valentino – in a close 2d tier, I have placed Chanel, McQueen, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Nina Ricci & Balenciaga \,,/

  22. misseyles says:

    so tragic. This totally backfired on them!! No one associate lindsay with an amazing original style. She would have no clue what she is doing. Just because you wear some designer clothes , it doesnt qualify you for that roll. If it did no one would study and work really hard at it.

    They also said that they thought that lindsay would help get the attention of women aged 30 and under. Well I am 20 and anything with her in it repulses me, She just wants spotlight and fame.

    Lindsay Fashion is not for you!

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