August 21 2014

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Are You Prepared To Go Bare?


Bras, corsets, tap pants, and briefs were exposed all over the Spring runways, with unexpected designers like Akris‘ Albert Kriemler joining lingerie lovers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano at the panty party. No doubt about it, innerwear as outerwear is one of the season’s top trends. But does the look work off the catwalk? Can you really show up to a meeting dressed as Madonna in her Like a Virgin phrase? We asked the experts.

“Naturally, I’m not hoping to see a lot of inappropriate bare skin and literal lingerie showing in the workplace,” says Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo. “I’m foreseeing a spike in lace-edge slips emerging from hemlines and sheer, pretty hosiery again.” However, if you are thinking literal, “the best way to wear lingerie is to take it out of context,” explains Fabiola Beracasa, who’s been known to rock a black corset over a white tee. “And make sure it’s delicate and expensive-looking, not trashy,” says stylist Kate Young. Her Spring pick? Stella McCartney‘s plunge-front nude lace halter. A couple of hard and fast rules: Exposed elastic bra straps are a no-no, only silk will do (Jean Yu); and if you do experiment with transparency, don’t leave home without a jacket (Kelly Cutrone). And, finally, this from a master of the seductive arts, Domenico Dolce: “Don’t be too audacious. Save something for the imagination.”

Click for a slideshow, then share your thoughts on the etiquette of exposed lingerie below.

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  1. fashionpicks says:

    A high fashion trend difficult to translate into high street, hence exclusive, not to mention that the more anorexic you are the better this trend will translate on you! That Stella McCartney number will look ridiculous on anyone who hasn’t been starving for ages!And the girls who do this “lingerie” drama would be the likes of Lady Gaga, MIA, Kate Perry who are no strangers to the trend anyway!

    P Adhikari

  2. GLHM_FD says:

    It’s “wearability” depends on the kind of job you have.
    A nice simple white t-shirt with a corset printed on top, it’s a nice way to follow the trend and not be trashy.

  3. blackcard says:

    the lingerie look should be mostly worn at night in a club.

  4. isisandosirus says:

    why not wear it. It’s cute and a lil daring and with global warming killing us all we could use a lil extra ventilation

  5. NotMod says:

    Wouldn’t go further then a lingerie cut on polite materials. Sadly, the kind is awfully scarce off the rack, and no question why: my tailor hates my guts for making such demands already! And his wining doesn’t come any cheaper then his enthusiasm…

  6. gillgill says:

    check out H&M and bershka sites….u will find this look.its hot and happening.

  7. kellystyle29 says:

    I think everyone could use a little of this trend

  8. ToucanBoutique says:

    Though I like it fine on the runway, I just have to look at the latest Lindsay Lohan pictures floating around blogs to remind myself why lace and corsets will never really be my thing.

  9. ToucanBoutique says:

    Though I like it fine on the runway all I have to is look at the latest Linsay Lohan pictures floating around the blogs to remind me why lace and corsets will never really be my thing.

  10. kgirl3 says:

    I don’t think that there should be bare skin.I mean the emphasis is on Fashion and Beauty not impreesing boys with outfits like that.Imean thatts dress to impress quite literally.

  11. ihartstyle says:

    I have been looking for this trend in Shanghai, but I think Chinese women are still too modest to take on this look, very challenging indeed!

  12. muhamamdzaidi says:

    As west is leading the fashion trends in the world but I think they should emphasize on fashion in a way that east can easily fellow.
    To know more about eastern fashion
    I have compiled a list of fashion sites.

  13. Miss_Annie says:

    why is the fashion industry just catching on on this look. Plsss, i was rocking this 2 yrs ago and it was tres sexy!!! ohh la la. I rocked a red victoria secret silk baby doll (non transparent of course) with a black tight pencil skirt and high black patent louboutins to a niteclub and everyone LOVED IT!!! Get with it, cause I’m so over it! ;-)

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