August 30 2014

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Daul Kim Remembered


Fashionologie and The Cut report that the 20-year-old Paris-based Korean model Daul Kim has died. We loved her as a brunette, we loved her as a blonde, and we’ll always miss her. Click here for an appreciation of her beauty in pictures.

Photo: Greg Kessler



  1. bertito says:

    So loved her for her brunette en blonde looks. How about remembering her for who she was as a person?

  2. bocona says:

    i miss you..

  3. Valerio says:

    Sorry bertito but how can anyone remembering her as a person while she still was unknown for the great audience. It’s still a pity that such a young model committed suicide, but it’s also wellknown that some girls can’t coop with the fame of being a model and all the glamour around it. Arrivederci

  4. bertito says:

    @ Valerio: Daul Kim was not an unknown person for and fashion. The superficiality of this shockingly empty remembering article just proves all prejudices about the fashion world are true. I dont know her but she deserves better.

  5. Valerio says:

    @ bertito, yes the fashion world can be cruel and hard. But there’s also a lot of love between the members of it. They respect each other is it a model or designer. Yes of course she was wellknown at Vogue or, what I meant with my saying – she was still unknown for the great audience- is the average people on the streets. And be honest she was a rising star but not of the calibre of Hye Park or Liya Kebede etc. Since this isn’t a forum I’ll stop with this comment. I only wanna to say to you and end this comment that you find that this article descibes just that all the prejudices about the fashion world are true. Just as I said before it’s not a fairytail, but a real and hard world, just like in other branches. Arrivederci

  6. dollface099 says:

    I am so upset about Daul’s death.
    I only found out about her earlier this year and thought she was an amazing model with so much potential and charisma <3!
    I read her blog occassionally and she seemed so energetic and full of life <3.
    When, in actuality, she wasn’t happy with her life at all.
    She was lonely and sad… which goes to prove that not everyone who looks “beautiful” on the outside feels beautiful inside. Everyone needs to treat each other as beautiful human beings, respecting and loving each other.
    I wish she could’ve seen just how beautiful she really was…

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