July 22 2014

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Donatella Reborn, Juicy Air, And More…


Koi Suwannagate is heading to Anthropologie, which is fast becoming this season’s serious high-low contender. Suwannagate’s offerings will register on the higher end of high, with prices stopping just shy of $300. If her gorgeous detailing comes through, we think it’ll be worth it. [WWD]

For Donatella Versace, whose company just underwent a major reshuffling (read: layoffs), the recession is no big thing: “Die and born again, die and born again….It’s the story of my life.” [NYT]

Ralph Lauren‘s Olympic designs include a newsboy cap, a “shawl-collar sweater with antique buttons,” and plaid for the men. Is this for the pheasant-shooting competition? [HuffPo]

Juicy Couture will soon be invading your air space. The mega-brand is set to open four airport shops starting in December, which means you’ll never have an excuse for wearing a mismatched tracksuit again.

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene



  1. Valerio says:

    In the first place I wouldn’t comment on your words on Donatella. But I can’t hold out any longer. The company underwent a major reshuffling, no it’s not true. Only employees which were not actually necesseray are fired. The overhead of the company was tremendous, if the economy is doing great it’s not a problem, but with this recession it’s another story. She and the staff only fired people which are not productive to produce her collections. By the way she’s right with the words Die and Born again, it’s actually meant for every one on this planet. Ciao