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Is Anja Rubik The New Christy Turlington?


Anja Rubik has been the face of Chloé, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, and Giuseppe Zanotti, among many others. The latest addition to that impressive list? Wii Yoga. (That is, along with Fendi’s Spring 2010 campaign, which she just shot in Saint-Tropez with Karl Lagerfeld five days ago.) “They first got in touch with me in the spring,” said Rubik yesterday at a promotional event. “I think they read in an interview that I practice yoga.” The Polish beauty entered the world of downward dogs over three years ago and, schedule-permitting, goes to Jivamukti in New York every other day. “It helps because I’m always sitting on planes and I wear a lot of high heels. Your back gets really bad,” said Rubik. “In yoga, you can just stretch it all out and you feel so good afterwards.”

Rubik’s already something of a yoga ambassador on a micro level, having converted fellow mannequin Maryna Linchuk and boyfriend pro-basketball player turned model Sasha Knezevic. “He was like, ‘Yoga? No way!’ But he came and he was sweating so much and realized that it’s really a workout,” she said. When she’s in London or L.A., she hits Jivamukti’s outposts. In Paris, though, the French Vogue favorite has yet to find a perfect fit. So would Rubik become a yoga teacher? “It’s a possibility, but not right now because of my schedule,” she said. She has, however, added a hyphen to her job title by designing a line for Polish accessories label Quazi. She describes Anja Rubik for Quazi as very “rock ‘n’ roll.” The fall line, sold currently only in Poland, is heavy on the studs, while she says spring is all about zebra prints.



  1. mercuryloge says:

    what are we supposed to be commenting about ? is the great ms rubik supposed to be like ms turlington, only because they both do yoga, or because they are both so successful in editorial (or both) ? – ms. rubik is really wonderful, but there are quite a few other runway superstars right now, and i would be hard-pressed to give her a significant edge – she has reached the point where she doesn’t need a lot of runway appearances, and she has had a long runway career – sometimes the sight of her evokes the plea “please eat more”, but knowing that she is health-conscious is reassuring and a good example – i guess she is one of the few who really can be very slim and healthy too ! \,,/

  2. mercuryloge says:

    PS her style is somewhat antithetical to ms. turlington – ms. rubik defines “glamorous (and healthy) punk”

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