August 28 2014

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Karlie Kloss, Table Tennis Ace


In case you missed the link on’s homepage (which wouldn’t be easy), we’re here to urge you to check out our latest Model Challenge video. In it, runway superstar Karlie Kloss schools Ping-Pong pro the Notorious Wally Green in a table tennis showdown. Producer Julie Anne Quay reports that it was as big a kick to make as it is to watch. “Karlie was having so much fun,” she explained, “that I tried to play with my iPhone. It’s definitely not recommended for those who value their screen.” Quay also tells us her game is average, but adds, “I hear Grace Coddington is a fantastic player. How about a match?” We’d love to see that, but consider this a casting call for a Model Challenge with better odds of getting filmed: Next up for Quay is Guitar Hero.



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