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Liz Hurley, Farmer? Actress Launches Organic Jerky And More


“How do you like being a farmer?” was a question that cropped up more than once during Elizabeth Hurley’s personal appearance in Harrods Food Hall at noon yesterday. It’s true, she did give up London for country life some time ago—and her farm is a working farm—but she’s not exactly slopping the hogs or milking the cows. She has “people” for that. But beef raised chez Hurley has found its way into the jerky that is part of the range of organic snacks she launched yesterday. (The other new products were oat bars and fruit bars.)

The concept is low-cal and low-fat. As a longtime victim of futile fad diets, Hurley spoke with the voice of experience when she acknowledged, “It’s compulsory portion control. I’ve never been able to chop a Jaffa Cake in half and just eat one piece.” But the emphasis is equally on convenience. Subsequent products like soups and ready meals will be “ambient,” i.e., no refrigeration or heating necessary. There was certainly no need for heat in Harrods, where an outlandishly gorgeous Hurley met fans (some had come from as far afield as Belgium and Spain) in a strapless red dress by Carlos Miele. And her product labels depict her in an L.B.D. and hot pink
Wellies. We’ve come a long way from Green Acres, baby.

Photo: Eamonn McCormack/WireImage



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