August 29 2014

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Oh So Coco, How to Say Jesus, and More…


Coco Rocha took to her blog to announce that she’s starting her own fashion label, and that she needs help naming it. “Oh So Coco,” the name of her blog, is a favorite among readers, but we’re voting for commenter Heathcliffs Package’s suggestion, “LaQuoquo Jackson.” Coco, we dare you. [Oh So Coco]
It’s Zhay-ZOOSE. Zhay-ZOOSE Loose. In case you’ve been wondering how to address the newest addition to Madonna‘s “Man-tourage”,the Times is here to help you out. [NYT]

After launching Z Spoke, Zac Posen‘s admittance to the Go International club was just a matter of time. Posen’s Target line (his second, if you count his designs for Target “Down Under”) goes on sale April 25. [WWD]

Chelsea Clinton and her longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky are engaged. Odds are she’s keeping her last name. [Us]

Cyber Monday is like Black Friday without all the tourists, pushy salespeople, or weather. Get clickin’. [Racked]




  1. Valerio says:

    Isn’t this laughable a Canadian model who just is a little bit famous for 3 okay lets say four years and then starting her own label? Are we all going NUTS in the industry that we let that happen! If it goes on this way in a year or so I pronounce to you that every celeb, or someone who’s a little wellknown has their own label. Hundreds of thousands of welknown people or celebs will come up with their own designs and will destroy the real ones. They will ruine the real fashion world with their eyes only focused on money they can (eventualy) achieve with their socalled designs, which are very often are stolen from and copied by their ghost designers. Is that what we want? The choice is up to the customers and I don’t have much trust in them, the cheaper the better, they think. What they forget is that clothing you classic, sophisticated and stylish is better for your career and for your selfesteem. Remember that not only your face or beauty is important but also the clothes you wear. The first impression you give to someone is the most important thing. Arrivederci

  2. Valerio says:

    Alison my dear I’m not so familiar with the lovelife of the former presidents daughter, but I’m actually pleased, that she and her fiancee are enganged. And about that she keeps her surname, here in Italy it’s normal the wife keeps always her surname but the kids get the name of the father. So actually grazy buth we are used to it. Ciao caro mio