August 30 2014

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Overalls—Do They Work For You?


Come spring, the jumpsuit will be facing some tough competition from overalls. The utilitarian standbys got a makeover on the catwalks, with Ralph Lauren leading the way. The designer showed both beat-up denim versions and a glam satin style for after-dark, and he wasn’t the only one to sex up the look from its pedestrian origins. Altuzarra‘s suede shortalls, for example, are definitely not meant for working on the railroad.

So what’s the appeal? “I’ve always loved overalls because they are a uniform,” Jean Paul Gaultier explains. “And being true to myself, I love making something different out of them—cutting them in Levi’s denim but with a conical bra. I love to subvert a classic.”

Click for a slideshow, then tell us if you’re ready to work the trend.

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. tdcarter says:

    Traditional overalls (blue jean) works, yes. The other looks absolutely not! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Tammy

  2. shawanda says:

    I totally disagree with Tammy. I thought I’d hate the looks but I think they’re very nicely updated and I would–or should I say will–rock the look.

  3. MihalFreinquel says:

    they definitely work for me. do they belong on a catwalk? perhaps not, but maybe it’s one of those times that “high fashion” takes a queue from street fashion. either way i’m down.

  4. artdeco5 says:

    Love the Nicole Farhi one. It does not look exactly like overalls which really don’t look good on anybody. Nicole Farhi’ version looks more wearable to me.

  5. tirzahda1 says:

    LOVE it! I have always loved overalls.

  6. terebomba says:

    Que padre.. me encantan los overoles!! =) check this shoes!

  7. terebomba says:

    Me equivoque de pagina.. es See ypu!!!

  8. dpearldavis says:

    I have had two pair of overalls from the last time they were the trend. I got a denim pair and trimed it with a crochet edge. I got the linen overalls from Chadwick’s. Just need to buy new tops to update them. By the way I’m 59.

  9. KimPenelope says:

    Personally I hated overalls (I remember wearing them as a child), but I love these new updated looks, they’re stylish but wearable. However, they are definately going to create a lot of hit or miss outfits, depending mainly on accessories and shoes!

  10. ddomma says:

    I liked that fact that I can translate this trend into my own personal style. This look can be paired with riding boots or heels…Although I approve of a stylish jumpsuit, I’m not quite sure that a satin overall dress would be appropiate for ANY occasion. Try again!

  11. akadot says:

    Hmm. I’m not quite sure about overalls..sometimes they are a bit too casual. But I do like Nicole Farhi’s version of the overall.

  12. Poussekline says:

    OMG! Love it!

  13. MissDior777 says:

    Overalls can get a bit too casual….I’m not a big fan of all-over denim. But if it’s fitted, I might saw yes

  14. kitakeet says:

    Ummm…I am an avid Ralph Lauren enthusiast, but after watching the runway show I was pretty disappointed. The silver finale overall gown was a nice spin, but the tatty oversized pairs were terrible. Just have an opinion for youself people. Just b/c a brand name is slapped on it, does not make it the best fashion idea ever! Not loving this look at all!

  15. streetstyle87 says:

    I like how Louise Gray styled the look, obviously a more toned down version would be good for the streets, cuffed up, with an open platform and sock, even something in a destroyed denim would look good. But overalls are tricky and not for everyone, a tall thinner looking woman could pull it off. I’m a big fan!

  16. NotMod says:

    ‘Subvert a classic’ sounds so great it almost doesn’t have to look good. Not sure how or where to test this theory though…

  17. RobbyG says:

    I think I would prefer her in these although im sure they would look dreadful on me. lol

  18. RobbyG says:

    looks good i think.

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