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This holiday season it’s not only “about a dog” for Candy Pratts Price, it’s also about lions and tigers and bears, all of whom help to make’s 2009 gift guide an “Oh my!” experience. Pratts teamed up with Creature photographer Andrew Zuckerman (whose newly released Bird wouldn’t make a bad gift, come to think of it) to create a magical and enchanting seasonal portfolio. “It’s about feeling close to nature as you go shopping,” Pratts Price says, “and, of course, the beauty of the animals.” Cheers to that.



  1. peggyfara says:

    Animals remain such an inspiration to us! Thanks for the awesome photography. Will a share of the revenue be donated to organizations working to protect these animals and their habitats?

  2. kellystyle29 says:

    Awww love tigers so much better than a mangy dog

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