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Siobhan Fahey’s Back And Better Than Ever


Her son Django and his girlfriend, Georgia May Jagger, were in the audience, but Siobhan Fahey needed no rock scion gloss to guarantee that her Hoxton gig was the hottest spot in London last Friday night, even after all her years off pop’s piste. Fahey still insists on the group entity Shakespears Sister as her professional moniker, but the songs are all hers (drawn from several decades of stuff that has clearly inspired a worshipful cult, if the crowd was any index) and the look is most definitely her own idiosyncratic hybrid of silent-screen glamour and glam rock front. She sported an Art Deco headdress, a halter-necked silver lamé jumpsuit, and maquillage so vamp-ish it would’ve made Theda Bara quake with envy and Fritz Lang quiver with lust. If there’s any justice in Popworld, Fahey will be a major fashion influence before 2010 is out. Plus, she has the songs and the show to seduce a whole new generation. Take it from Django—he’d never seen his mother live and he looked appropriately gobsmacked—or maybe that’s just young love! Anyway, watch for Shakespears Sister’s “Songs From the Red Room” on iTunes soon, and marvel at music that effortlessly—and sexily—straddles every time and place you ever wish you’d been a part of.


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