August 27 2014

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So Who’s Buying Ungaro?


It’s no secret that Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan’s Spring 2010 version of Ungaro didn’t exactly wow the critics. And, as reported today by The Independent, the house’s founder, Emanuel Ungaro, has termed it a “disaster.” But what about the retail reaction?

Well, file this under Not Surprised: Both Neiman Marcus and Net-a-Porter, two of the only big shopping destinations where Ungaro can currently be bought outside of the brand’s own boutiques, have dropped the line for Spring 2010, according to representatives for the stores. Barneys and Saks, meanwhile, haven’t carried the label in a few seasons, and they didn’t jump at the house’s new party girl-based image—neither of them picked up the line for Spring, reps confirm.

As for who did? Well, there’s Vivaldi, an Upper East Side boutique best known for carrying mostly Paris and Milan-based fashions for a well-heeled clientele. And those with a taste for fuchsia minidresses and flying in the face of conventional wisdom can always seek out Ungaro’s own stores.

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. Ian_Larraga says:

    For designers, success is in the sales. I loved Ungaro back in the 90′s when Emmanuel was running the show and I hope this fiasco doesn’t kill the label completely. Ungaro can’t afford to make anymore mistakes, the list of designers failing in this economy is growing. Luella Bartley is just the latest example.

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