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Will You Borrow From The Boys?


The tomboy trend continues apace for Spring. You saw it in the plethora of pantsuits, and it surfaced in some of the active sports references to linebackers and latter-day Jacques Cousteaus. But the crisp white men’s shirt will always be the easiest (and, for us, coolest) way to get the look. Giambattista Valli topped a fanciful fringe skirt with a utilitarian button-down, and Limi Feu whipped an oxford into wildly oversized proportions. The tuxedo shirt, meanwhile, was reimagined by Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga and Phoebe Philo at Celine, among others. “A tux shirt on a girl always looks great,” says Rag & Bone‘s Marcus Wainwright. “It has the obvious connotations…girl in boyfriend’s/husband’s/one-night stand’s shirt the morning after a black-tie ball. It’s very James Bond.” That’s a good enough reason for us to button up. What about you?

Click for a slideshow and tell us whether or not you’ll adopt the trend.

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. NotMod says:

    I’d rather leave my trusty rack of shirts to do the talking here: on their behalf, the answer to your question is… Good grief! Does this mean that every time I put on a shirt I am actually looking as if I’ve stolen it from some fellow? How about the cufflinks!

  2. daisylimah says:

    good, I loved the show, I love the style boyfriend .. I think when a woman begins to use is cool and has personality .. it not worth any of my good *

  3. ToucanBoutique says:

    I’ve stolen many shirts from boyfriends and dressed them with belts and skinny jeans… so I’m not sure if I’ll ever purchase something that looks like I got from my man if I can just have the real thing.

  4. zaidi123 says:

    we cant follow the kind of fashion in pakistan.
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  5. marilynesther says:

    There’s nothing that’s more sweetly sexy than a crisp white shirt worn with confidence — whether it’s buttoned to the top or revealing the roundness of a woman’s breast — a shirt designed like one of the boys’ is fabulous. If only I could find someone to iron those little bas***ds for me!

  6. kjones1 says:

    I love the white shirt look. Wear it in the office, wear it with jeans. You can do so much with a good, white button down.

  7. Passionforthesun says:

    I’m glad this trend continues, I love to match “the white boy shirt” with all accesseries I got on my closet, to make my outfit unique. and the best thing is that the shirt goes with everything I put on!

  8. myalou says:

    There is nothing better than finding the perfect white shirt. I’m now gonna search for the perfect “boyfriend” white shirt and wear it with black 70 denier tights and sky high heels

  9. edwina_mcallister says:

    If you like this article, I am sure you will love how the girls in this video wear their white shirt with some cool cuff links

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