August 23 2014

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Yea, Nay, or Eh: Dakota Fanning Gives Us The Slip


On a red carpet populated with the likes of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner (vampire, moody starlet, and werewolf, respectively), the best strategy for a secondary star may be not to show up at all. Not so Dakota Fanning. We barely recognized the teen thespian at New Moon‘s L.A. premiere (Fanning plays a pint-size but sinister bloodsucker), but that’s only because her slick-straight locks and grown-up poise are such a far cry from the adolescent Marc Jacobs model we once knew. We love the peekaboo lace Valentino dress but wonder if the camp that denounced Miley Cyrus’ precocious turn in Vanity Fair will find it too risqué for Miss Fanning. She may look like a mini Gwyneth Paltrow, but she’s still only 15. What do you think of her nighttime look? Leave your comments below.

Photo: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images



  1. Blake says:

    I think she looks great

  2. saudade says:

    dress, appropriate. platforms? not so much

  3. zfraley says:

    I think she looks beautiful! She’s fresh-faced and is showing an appropriate amount of skin, and I loved platforms when I was 15, so I think she’s rocking it.

  4. Ren_Nior says:

    Hey, being 15 doesnt mean you cant look fabulous! I’m fifteen, and I’ve seen girls my age wear worse things to school. This look is perfect for her- she looks so mature and elegant. She definatly wont be a Miley.

  5. davisk says:

    love, love, way better than k.stew

  6. NotMod says:

    The dress is as long as its wearer old; perfect match! The platforms are just the right amount of clumsy for 15 YO. All in all a good reminder that there still is such a thing as youth with poise around, methinks.

    Now since you asked and made me think of it, perhaps with some obvious stilettos, the age appropriateness of the attire may have slipped on the mature side of young just a little bit…

  7. andreverde says:

    I give her props for pulling that off… there’s no way I was that confident when I was 15!

  8. nic_chic says:

    She looks great. The dress is appropriate and girly. The shoes are sexy and add edge. They’re definately a little mature but, like you said, she’s been in the fashion game for qite some time. Can we deny the girl her stilettos? I think not.

  9. alvieee says:

    I think little Miss. Fanning looks beautiful and stunning in the dress and has grown into a beautiful lady as well.

  10. ksar says:

    Her dress was so much better then Kristens, and definitely NOT THAT risque.

  11. isisandosirus says:

    I think she looks great. She’s grown up to be quite poise and polished without going through that awkward phase. Good for her.

  12. mercuryloge says:

    dress looks lovely, and she looks lovely (a little like vlada), but at 15 the only place she should be at this hour is home in bed lights out !! \,,/

  13. nhughey says:

    I love the dress & think as long as she continues with such tasteful choices, there’ll soon be no more comparisons with Miley.

  14. AnneReardon says:

    great dress, shoes are a little much but its nice to see her taking risks and figuring out her style

  15. Diorgasm says:

    I wish it weren’t black. I would have prefered color. The black looks a bit too old on her.

  16. eschiff says:

    She looks elegant, appropriate, and very classy & is a great role model for my 14 year old, who cannot stand Miley Cyrus.

    The dress has whimsy & the shoes are great – she is a movie star.

  17. JulietWhiskey says:

    Fanning looks great. The dress is an excellent pick, and the shoes may be platformed, but they’re subtle, and may just give her the lift that a 15 year old might want (I know I wasn’t finished growing). As to whether or not she’ll take a turn for the Risque, that’s probably indeterminable. To follow the trope of Twighlight, the best thing to transform young stars into beasts might not be the moon, but our own spotlights.

  18. jessicalmc says:

    More importantly, she played a beautiful character in hounddog, after seeing her play such an adult part, to me this looks appropriate. She has never appeared to want to grow up too fast, her acting skills are much too refined for that, I believe. The dress is classy meets edgy, which is perfect for a 15 year old who doesn’t seem to crave attention from Hollywood.

  19. cbexplosion says:

    She looks fantastic. I designed her clothes for
    her new film “The Runaways” and she is a cool
    young lady with decent style. This dress is age appropriate for her. And she ‘loves’ high heels!
    Carol Beadle

  20. CoryC says:

    I thought even though Valentino can be a very grown up designer Dakota really worked this dress I think she was by far the best dressed at the premiere. Just because you think mature when you think of Valentino doesn’t mean it can’t be young and fresh, the platforms were great and the wonderful red really adds a contrast to the look and makes you notice her from head to toe she wore this look and it didn’t wear her.

  21. Vikyreyes says:

    Go Dakota!

  22. nasty07 says:

    Lace associates with youth and innosence. Platforms add style to it! Her look is modest and chic at the same time.

  23. zaidi123 says:

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  24. fashionaddict89 says:

    I think she looks great. I wish though her outfit was a little more fun, she’s 15. It would have been nice to see her in something in a little more youthful.

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