August 27 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Lady Gaga At The ACE Awards


Lady Gaga accepted the Stylemaker Award from Marc Jacobs at last night’s Accessories Council ACE Awards, and her speech won’t soon be forgotten. She called Hedi Slimane “a palm tree” and David LaChapelle “a creature, a liberation, a half lie, a half truth.” Revealing the until-now unknown name of her Haus of Gaga designer, Matthew Williams, she said, “I call him Dada. He is my Jean-Paul Goode, my everything.” Alexander McQueen, the photographer Araki, and designer Nasir Mazhar also got shout-outs. But she saved the best for last: “Remember, the most important fashion accessory is a condom.” All of this came after she glided onto the stage and—poof—spilled white powder from her hands. “I felt like the outfit needed gloves, so Nicola [Formichetti, her stylist and “fuse”] painted me white. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have the right accessories.” The real spectacle, though, was her getup. She was pants-less, as usual, and wore a satin bra and briefs (MJ Spring 2010?) over her button-down top. A swath of black lace covered her entire face and part of her huge platinum blond Afro. What do you think of her latest look? Too far-out? Not far enough?




  1. Aydanm says:

    even though i really like her, im beginning to get really bored of her latest creations. They seem to be the same and boring.

  2. tr_ro says:

    she knows how to create controversy… and I dont like this outfit that much.

  3. Considerate1022 says:

    She is really too much. Gone too far. Remember Lady this is the awards! your too crazy and your style is remarkably untasteful.

  4. billszoka says:

    I do not get her “look” at all. Basically bargain-basement Madonna, Cyndi Lauper. Seems she could easily create something more special and unique

  5. Valerio says:

    It’s a big NAY, this is more meant for an Halloween party then for an award event. If some contributers say she’s getting boring and is untastefull I have to agree with them. That’s all I have to say this time, because only looking to this pic is painfull for my eyes. Fashion? Yes or No that’s the question in my view NOT. Arrivederci

  6. Walz says:

    I love her and I love the black lace…installation. The rest of the outfit I could live without to be honest. I do wonder what that white powder actually was, though…

  7. Emma59 says:

    She is a disaster…

  8. SDk310 says:

    She is such a joke. Just because you can spout of names of famous designers does not make you part of the fashion world. She is fashion victim as the French would say. Her outfits are jokes. Everyone in the fashion community laughs that the rest of the country considers her outfits “fashion” or avant garde.

    Someone else said it perfectly, she is such a wannabe Madonna. Sorry Ga this is not 1990 and you are NOT Madonna.

  9. mimilaboo says:

    I. cannot. understand. why. people. like. her.

    Sorry, but she’s a phony and a waste of space. Her dumb outfits have nothing to do with fashion, whether they are MJ or not.

  10. seaofstyle says:

    NAY. Obvs.

  11. blogger17 says:

    look at the faces of the people around her try again gaga

  12. guccilily says:

    Everyones comments are so negative. You all take fashion WAY to seriously, as though there are ‘rules’. Although her look may not be to the standards of your snobish taste (‘remarkably untasteful’), her look is interesting, fashion forward, and most importantly she isn’t trying to be anyone but herself. If you think he is making an attempt to be Madonna then you obviously don’t know enough about her to comment…

  13. christianhco says:

    You All Obviously Do Not Understand Fashion.

  14. Ndau says:

    well.. it’s so “GAGA”.. it’s really cool.. those kind of outfits just fit for her! :)

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