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Erin In Chains


Who would Erin Wasson like to see in Low Luv, her new diffusion jewelry line? “Louise Bourgeois,” the model-turned-designer said without a moment’s hesitation. “She is just the coolest thing alive.”

Wasson was at London’s Bungalow 8 to celebrate the launch of the New York 2010 calendar from Maybelline, which she’s repped for eight years now. (“It’s lasted longer than any relationship,” she jokes.) It was a typically bacchanalian blowout: structured shoulders and Nicholas Kirkwoods everywhere, wild dancing, Henry Holland and Mr. Hudson on the decks. Wasson worked the room in a sprayed-on red dress, concealing, perhaps, a few gems underneath: One of the key pieces in her new line is a body chain. What’s the point of jewelry hidden from the public eye? “I consider it an armor, to protect oneself from all crazy stuff out there,” Wasson said. “And also, like lingerie, it’s your own naughty little secret, that only you and maybe a special friend need to know of. It’s outrageously sexy.” We’re guessing Bourgeois—she of the insistently erotic sculptures—would approve.

Low Luv will be available this January at



  1. isisandosirus says:

    …she’s needs a burger.

  2. 2etn says:

    Not only does she need a burger…she needs to understand that her jewelry line is not hers and that she ripped the REAL designer Bliss Lau off. Erin Wasson is a fraud…do not buy her jewelry and encourage her to get honest!

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