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Having A Ball In London


The World Cup doesn’t even begin until June of next year. But given that it’s the biggest sporting event in the world (and soccer’s global fan base triples American baseball and football put together), it’s no surprise that a few canny merchandisers are already working to cash in. First up is shirtmaker Grosvenor, which held a bash last night to launch its luxury collection of limited-edition World Cup shirts—210 for men, 50 for ladies. Meet the shopper even the recession can’t seem to touch: the footer-memorabilia fanatic, whose passion (never mind budget) knows no bounds where the Cup is concerned.
A soccer-mad crowd including Ben Elliot, Marie Helvin, Salman Rushdie’s son Zafar, Matthew Mellon’s ex Noelle Reno, and a serious group of Wags (that’s Wives and Girlfriends of the players, in the vernacular, a couture-clad, pampered bunch that bow to Queen Posh) clinked Champagne flutes and eyed the goods. “Now I gotta get one right now,” said choreographer/dancer Brian Friedman, eyeing the individually numbered, two-fold royal twill shirts that barefoot models were roaming around in, complete with a subtle color strip that reflected the flags of the qualifying nations. “These are white-hot. I bet by tomorrow they’ll be on eBay for at least £500.” “£500?” a model replied. “Someone just offered me £1,000 for the shirt off my back. He couldn’t wait.”




  1. ras1clothing says:

    awesome look, definitely would cause misdirection on the street…thank god for red cross disaster relief! love it.

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