August 30 2014

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How Do You Take Your Trench?


With the holidays upon us, you’re probably looking forward to wrapping up in a cashmere blanket and settling down for a long winter’s nap. Don’t get too comfy. The Spring collections will be arriving in stores a few weeks after New Year’s, and the season’s must-have coats will go fast. In 2010, you’re going to want a trench.… OK, we know what you’re thinking: Every season, it seems, publications like ours are proclaiming, “The trench is back.” But this time, we’re not talking about the classic version. The utilitarian topper has been tweaked: At Aquascutum, Michael Herz added feminine ruffles. Alexander Wang sliced the sleeves off. Nina Ricci‘s Peter Copping went long, and the designers at Christian Dior, Comme des Garçons, and Hermès chopped their versions at the waist.

Click for a slideshow and tell us whether you’ll be adopting one of these new models or sticking with the classic.

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. haypee says:

    I myself usually prefer the classic, but I think I’m willing to make an exception for that Christon Dior! :):)

  2. mercuryloge says:

    the great ms anabela belikova is so gorgeous, a burlap bag would look wonderful – i thought messrs. galliano and bailey (burberry), amongst other, did inventive things with coats \,,/

  3. Valerio says:

    To be honest I found the classic trenchcoat always boring. The designs of the designers you mentioned now are more playfull and with a more modern style. It’s not a coat anymore as Burberry designed it for decades ago, actually I like these kind of trenchcoats. But adopting one of them, if I were a woman, I don’t think so. Happy holidays.

  4. NotMod says:

    All great, of course…

    Always loved the trench though, and I am mighty happy to see the jacket-length versions at Notten and Hermes!

    The ‘traditional’ shape seem varied enough, the reliable colors satisfying enough… but ‘enough’ is never good enough, is it ;)

  5. hewanm says:

    It is a very innovative new look for a trench coat. It is of course cut very slim which limits who this would look appropriate on. The sleeves make her look like she does not have a neck. Over all it is a hard look to pull off. I would grade it as a B -

  6. ohdarlingentropy says:

    The Burberry is fun and inventive. Not too short or too long, and feminine without losing the classic concept.

  7. Prissyrj says:

    Love it!How I live in Rio de Janeiro, I only have the chance to use trench coats in winter or when I travel. But I`m crazy about this pieces!thanks Thomas Burberry for these!!

  8. T3AR says:

    This is CUTE I want one now :]

  9. GeesCees says:

    the trench thing seems to only work on the european gals who seem to have enough flair for it, especially the frenchies… that being said, an over designed trench is like seeing”Casablanca” in technicolor

  10. GeesCees says:

    an over designed trench is like watching “Casablanca” in Technicolor, or god forbid, in 3D….yes,good old boring classic, I guess having style is doing something to what you have on, rather then what you have on doing something to you

  11. Elsie229 says:

    WoW I am addicted to the Jean Paul Gaultier’s’s stylish,chic and especially how much i love the belt and collar!!

    Burberry’s sleeves are so tight but pretty …

  12. marialovesu says:

    i want the trench coat wit hthe ruffless the one on the main blog p.g it’s ah-bsolutely beautiful.

  13. IYABO says:


  14. aldelpuerto says:

    Very suprised at how “trendy” that Lavendar Burberry trench was… Still a beautiful coat though. I, myself, am more of a classic trench kind of gal. How gorgeous was that Dior though! Gotta love Dior!

  15. anamcbride says:

    Although I’ve never found the classic trench boring nor out of style, I must say that I adored the Pringle of Scotland and the Loewe ones, I like that they have a modern flair yet classic enough to still be called a trench coat.

  16. MilanaFSA says:

    Love the ‘new’ trench! I can’t wait to wear it…!


  17. Lysystrata says:

    Love the cropped versions and really appreciate the non-traditional colors. I may go for a cropped trench in black; nothing in my closet gets close to that look and I think it’ll be easy to incorporate.

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