August 23 2014

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I Saw Sonia Rykiel Kissing Santa Claus?


Last night, at Chandelier Creative’s Christmas party, guests could line up for a quick sit on Santa’s—well, a shirtless go-go boy in a Santa-ish outfit—lap. (As you can imagine, the line got long, but we did spy Gossip Girl‘s Amanda Setton waiting her turn.) What partygoers asked St. Nick for Christmas is between them and the big guy, but a few of our favorite designers, stylists, and media types have confessed to Hint mag what they’d ask of Kris Kringle: Love‘s Katie Grand would wake up looking like Daria, Stephen Jones would love the pattern of Santa’s cute hat, Lorenzo Martone will take health and happiness (and maybe a new BMW), and Sonia R. wants a night with the man himself at the Crillon. As for us? We’d just ask Santa for a few more pics of the young Waris in his mini Santa suit (pictured). Head over to Hint for more.

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