August 30 2014

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Tokyo Street Style And Spring 2010: Do You See The Connections?


It’s no secret we’re obsessed with street style photos. And from the looks of the runways, we aren’t the only ones. Clicking through Tokyo blogs like and, we noticed a strong link between the snapshots from Harajuku and Shibuya and the trends that emerged in the Spring 2010 collections. Denim-on-denim? Boho layers? Post-apocalyptic chic? The kids in Tokyo did them first. Designers get their ideas from all over and filter them in their own ways, but there’s no denying that these young Japanese women (and men) know what’s hip months, sometimes years before the rest of us, and they’re as influential now as they’ve ever been.

Click for a slideshow and let us know below, do you see the similarities?




Photo: Marcio Madeira




  1. Arbelbashloberant says:

    they are all amazing

  2. fashionpicks says:

    The street style was perverse while the runway a bit more polished! To sum up, to be worn by people who ache to be different and in the process cause eye sore to the rest!

    P Adhikari

  3. Penny_Dreadfull says:

    because fashion is about conformity for the beautifull

  4. Ikenani says:

    Funny, Japanese style is a regurgitation of western style and now western style is doing same w/ Japanese style. There really is no original anymore

  5. jrseguin says:

    I agree, I saw no true originality in the street clothes or the runway photos. It’s all from somewhere, it’s all recycled, just in different contexts.

  6. ThomasHenny says:

    all you have to do is look at Commes des Garcons to see what designers are doing in several years

  7. mt144 says:

    the irony is originality is trendy

  8. GeesCees says:

    fashion designers don’t take looks from the street and then copy them in their own way, these jap street looks have been existant forever(Fruits???)…it’s also boring to talk about originality, a bit of history of dress is in order… does anyone really think they can create in a cultural vacuum, they wouldn’t even have a language to think in.

  9. nic_chic says:

    the term originality is hard to define in fashion. yes, these clothes are not exactly new but originality is about wearing them in ways that SEEM new. it’s all about perception. on that note, i feel like Japanese style is almost a satiric spin on western trends but the way that it is done is so dramatic and fresh that it ignites inspiration all over again…

  10. gatabella says:

    How is the Japanese streetstyle and eyesore? If you saw the same looks directly on the runway untweaked, I doubt they would bother you so. Street snaps are all about the attitude…and originality doesn’t even enter the equation. It’s about reference, pastiche, mood, and statement, which is also seemingly the only thing runway fashion can do. But that’s great. If originality means just not copying everyone else around, then the Japanese street style pics are about as original as they come. Is Galliano “regurgitating” eastern ideas when he goes crazy with kimonos? Nah…it’s about the form and impression, not the judgment of origins.

  11. Alice_et_Peter_Punk says:

    I see my comments are not accepted. I might understand some people doesn’t want to know or hear about insiders. We are still playing underground !

    I brought interesting things in my comments and I have a lot of references on Tokyo Street fashion as we know some people from Fruits and Kera magazine that made the snapshots so popular. It’s not very fairplay.

  12. NotMod says:

    So… could someone turn this street-to-runnaway link into a full blown conspiracy? :)

  13. piratedoll says:

    As a follower, lover and wearer of Japanese fashion, I have to say that, even in Japan, they are recycling trends. All the new styles (fairy-kei, spank etc.) are spin offs of the Decora style that was popular at the beginning of the 00s. But it’s just like now. Don’t we just keep going back to the 70s, 80s and even 90s? Everything is just changed a little to be more modern.

    I think originality is more about how a person wears the clothes, rather than what the designers actually design.

  14. menotyou says:

    I remember six years ago when I studied abroad in Kyoto at n art school. All the kids were wearing cowboy boots and long boho summer dresses.

    I came back and literally next summer. Everyone was in that stuff.

    Stealing from Japan is nothing new. Anyone who’s been to Japan knows how exceptionally style conscious the average Japanese is. No one in Japan dresses down ever!

  15. talktokristen says:

    Japanese are amazingly creative with their fashions.

  16. miju says:

    there are millions of street snapshops to go thruogh, you are bound to find an outfit that resembles another. I don’t think all the designers have direct influence on jfashion…

  17. everlasting_ruche says:

    How can you not love the energy. These clothes get into the streets quick and it’s so nice seeing that energy in the streets. Something mainstream America doesn’t really accept – audacity.

  18. mccarthy says:

    There is no originality really, human behavior is a slave to needing to belong to a group, of any kind. Dressing up like this in Japan is being part of a group. It is very contrived, the styles they follow, but hey its all abit of fun. As long as they know that too and don’t look down on other people for not being of their group. People love to piegon hole each other so they can feel comfortable with where they stand or how they can judge. If their was not judgement in the world on fashion who knows what would come out.
    But don’t where FUR that is attracting very bad Karma to yourself, as it is such a horrific process, lazy fashion and unnecessary. Humans can’t be original as we are one of many. But celebrating what you find beautiful is uplifting, where there is no detriment to others of all kinds.

  19. elfgirl1138 says:

    “[...] sometimes years before the rest of us”

    This is no different than a few years ago when “Goth chic” was all the rage on the runways. The Japanese are no more fashion-forward than your average American Goth kid–they just have the advantage of having so many different styles that one or another is constantly floating to the top of the overall collective fashion consciousness. Or maybe (looking at an article on country-style fashion being a 2010 sportswear trend) Honky Tonk bar patrons and Daisy Duke have been years ahead of us as well and we’re only just catching up.

    But, of course that’s not true.

    “Bad artists copy. Great artists steal.”

    By which, Mr. Picasso meant that good creatives can see ideas within others’ work and expand on them or tweak them and create something “new”. So to all of those that are saying that “there’s nothing new” or “we’re all just recycling”–nonsense, unless you’re all just looking at the bad designers. The good ones are taking old ideas and using them in new ways. There are only so many ways to (practically) clothe the human body. Couture aside, that means that inevitably some ideas and themes will keep reappearing. We just have to hope that we have designers creative enough to take those old ideas and make them exciting again.

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