August 20 2014

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Yay, Nay, Or Eh: Daisy Lowe Cuts It Out


With the holiday soirée circuit in full swing, we’ve been noticing that revelers are in full-on exposure mode, thanks to the recent obsession with cutouts on the runways. Waists, thighs, backs—there’s virtually no patch of skin designers haven’t been putting on display. Witness Daisy Lowe in Vivienne Westwood at last night’s British Fashion Awards. From the bodice up she looks perfectly elegant, but we’d say a little more coverage is wanted below the belt. What do you think? Are eveningwear’s new cutouts a cut above, or just too much?

Photo: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images



  1. jrseguin says:

    she looks like one hot mess at first glance. i think the look would be more successful if some of those panels were left in, but I’m down with breaking fashion rules. I’d rather an outfit be “off” than boring. XO JS

  2. fashionproject9 says:

    I do believe that on the right people, and the right places,cutouts, can really be enticing…sorry Daisy and Vivienne -this is a good sample of the wrong person/wrong cutouts – it’s just wrong!

  3. NotMod says:

    So wrong, it is great!

    I started logging in with outrage. Looked a few more times, all the way through password typing, and now… it feels great.

    I can still imagine this dress transformed by the person inside. It is a step beyond the vampish border now. It could be somber on a flat & straight scarecrow-type. I could not wear it in good faith… BUT, but this is a GOOD THING, right?

    Who else but Westwood…

    I hope someone will remember this [and the other attempts at sordid beauty on from the recent runaways] when doing theatre costume. This could work on something Greek, sans goddesses.

    Just a thought…

  4. Ndau says:

    British award isn;t like Grammy award.. it’s fine with the dress.. remembering Daisy’s personality.. but i think better if she’s tied her hair.

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