August 27 2014

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Yea, Nay, or Eh?: The Osbourne Identity


In days past, Kelly Osbourne favored the kind of heavy makeup and bright, look-at-me-flourishes once sported by dad Ozzy. But lately, the reality star/singer/Dancing with the Stars finalist has been going almost au naturel (give or take the peroxide-blond locks, which match boyfriend Luke Worrall’s). Osbourne was snapped toting her tiny Pomeranian, Sid, around L.A. this weekend in a casual black and white outfit that’s a nice change of pace after months of Stars‘ sequins and spangles. Her old heavy makeup and loud, look-at-me flourishes are nowhere to be seen; in her bolero-length biker jacket, new-wave-inspired skirt, and basic white tee, Kelly looks young, cute, and fresh. What do you think? Is clean-scrubbed Kelly the wave of the future, or is she soon to return to her old (makeup) bag of tricks?

Photo: BuzzFoto / FilmMagic / Getty Images



  1. bonjouranniebelle says:

    I think she looks great and really cute now. I mean, for her to look anything else would just be backwards as far as clothing is concerned. The Hot Topic mall-punk generation grows into that sort of style. It just happens.

    Why do people dislike heavy make-up?

  2. tialove says:

    i think this a big breath of fresh air from her old style… its classy and beautiful. Simple will always be beautiful

  3. anntyaze says:


  4. annina66 says:

    yeas she looks pretty and fresh but i think that the skirt doesn’t fit very well on her.

  5. flashingfashionx says:

    She look so young and pretty. It is like she reborn.

  6. annina66 says:

    yes she definitely looks fresh and young, nice haircut and make up but i think that the skirt is not right for her thighs and knees.

  7. isisandosirus says:

    …she looks like old school madonna…

  8. nic_chic says:

    i think “dancing” gave her a confidence to allow her to realize herself… including playing up her natural beauty, youth and overall cuteness… i think she should keep it up…

  9. marvoi says:

    she looks ah-mazing!

  10. jules77 says:

    Kelly looks like herself here. She has found the confidence in herself to be herself. She doesn’t need to hide behind all the frou

  11. futurefashionzoey says:

    Really like it!! Is that a dog? haha!

  12. styleicon1 says:

    “casual b & w outfit?!?!?”
    every detail is carefully edited, down to the pooch!

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