August 23 2014

styledotcom Are designers running out of ideas? Or are straightforward clothes a sign of times? via @CathyHorynNYT

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Acne Takes A Seat


Jonny Johansson of Acne is a man with a modest tendency for drip-feeding his multifaceted abilities to the fashion world. Who knew, for instance, that the first interest this Swedish design polymath had in life was furniture, not jeans? But it’s a fact. This much was revealed to revelers who ended up lounging on his new line—prototypes of handmade “proportion studies” of sofas—at a party Johansson threw in the premises recently inhabited by Karl Lagerfeld on the Rue de l’Université in Paris. He says it’s all part of his “research into my own background—what Sweden means to me. I looked into a piece in my grandmother’s house, the Nya Berlin sofa by Carl Malmsten, from the ‘Swedish Grace’ period of design from the mid-twenties. Then I played with it on a computer which pops out little plastic models.” The result: brilliantly skewed variations of the same item, which come squished upright, stretched flat, or cantilevered at unlikely, cartoonish angles—and covered with bleached, hand-dyed pale Acne denim.

Photos: Courtesy of Acne



  1. albeauti says:

    OMG…loves it…i wouldve never guessed that was denim upholstery…by the looks of it.

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