September 2 2014

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Blasblog: 2010′s Calendar Girls, Er, Guys


A straight guy in fashion is rare thing indeed, but casting director and blogger Douglas Perrett managed to round up 13 of them—just enough, naturally, for a pinup calendar of months (plus one for the cover). Under his Confessions of a Casting Director umbrella, he and collaborator Kathy Lo shot the hetero fashion photographers for “Straight Shooter,” a 2010 “malendar” available at Opening Ceremony in NYC and L.A. (You can also order it on the COACD Web site.) “Being a hot photographer is an insider prerequisite, like dating models, living on airplanes, or hanging out with rappers,” Perrett explains. The guys—recognizable names all, including Dan Martensen, Kai Regan, Sebastian Kim, and Kenneth Cappello—were just as much photographers in front of the camera as behind it: Mr. April (Regan) called his own shots and demanded to be his own art director. But Mr. February (Chris Shonting, pictured) brought a model’s confidence, too. “He said, ‘I guarantee my pic is better than all the Star Wars, all 9 Terminators, Battle Dome, a couple Rambos, and Missing in Action 1-3,’ ” reports Perrett. “I don’t know what that means, but it’s very Straight Shooter.”

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