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Blasblog: Marc Jacobs On Why He Wanted Lara for LV


I remember back in 2002, when I heard that Marc Jacobs had shot Jennifer Lopez to be the face of Louis Vuitton. Uh-oh, I thought to myself, this won’t be a onetime thing. (Now that I think about it, I heard about J. Lo through an archaic grapevine: not a blog, but a good old-fashioned gossipmonger, live and in person. Another novel idea.) Sure enough, in the years that have followed, celebrities have fronted the brand time and again: Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson, Diane Kruger, and Christina Ricci, to name a few. Sure, there was that season when Mert & Marcus shot Naomi and Kate in some sand dunes, but those girls aren’t just models.

Well, judging from the Spring shots already in magazines and the tone of the making-of video (below), it seems it’s time for another change. This season, when the celebrity quotient couldn’t be raised higher—I mean, c’mon, how are you going to follow up back-to-back campaigns featuring Madonna?—Jacobs has returned to a face more familiar on the catwalk than the tabloids: Lara Stone. (Though with more international Vogue covers than you can shake a stick at, Stone isn’t exactly an unknown quantity.) Why the shift? For answers, I went straight to the man himself. “Lara is a modern, iconic, sexy beauty,” Marc told me, “one who the Louis Vuitton customer will, I think, relate to and want to look like. The campaign is very optimistic.” And, of course, even without a Hollywood face, there’s definitely some star power. “The accessories are the stars,” he continued. “The bags, the shoes, the jewelry, and of course the clothes are covetable, colorful, and totally luxurious.” Even after he’s rolled them around in the mud, it’s hard to disagree.



  1. Ian_Larraga says:

    I love his choice of Lara Stone for LV. She’s not your everyday runway model, her looks have character, she stands out. She could well be this new decade’s analog to Kate Moss. Only time will tell.

  2. MarieElizabeth says:

    just can’t get enough of Lara!

  3. georginacookie says:

    yes agree, she has character, looks gorgeous iconic,Brigitte Bardot, I think it’s better than seeing celeb’s retouched to death.

  4. mercuryloge says:

    the great ms lara stone is absolutely tops – excellent choice

  5. jessiekthompson says:

    I just hope that he keeps the model thing going. No more celebs in fashion campaigns, please! (Unless it’s Chloe Sevigny.)

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