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Doillon, Danseuse


You already know Lou Doillon the muse, designer, actress, and all-around cool Parisienne. Now meet Lou the dancer. Doillon returns in the second installment of Vanessa Bruno’s ongoing video poem directed by Stéphanie Di Gusto, which goes live tomorrow on the designer’s Web site. Kitted out in Bruno’s designs, Doillon performs impromptu choreography in talc and goes for a quick frolic in the dunes, all set to a composition especially for her by the Canadian pianist Gonzales. “There’s something really primal about Lou; she has great freedom,” Di Gusto told “We just left it up to her, and at one point, she just let go. There was talc all over the room.” We got a sneak peek, below.



  1. Randee says:


  2. december13 says:

    wow beautiful……………

  3. babyblue130 says:

    very nice. this is art. =)

  4. alealaalas says:


  5. bitnic75 says:

    Love it !

  6. lousybeatnik says:


  7. shesaidsomething says:

    Really beautiful camera work and music. Perhaps one day the creative community will enlighten the fashion community on the beauty of the female body outside the narrow confines of emaciation. It is so limited artistically and socially rendering everything moot.

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