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First Look: Georgina Goodman for Brian Reyes


Brian Reyes has paired his polished runway looks with Manolo Blahnik for the past few seasons, but perhaps it was the new decade that sparked a change of heart. For Fall, Reyes is introducing some new blood into his heels, as it were, working with the English designer Georgina Goodman on limited-edition handmade shoes to accessorize his Fall 2010 collection. Slated to debut on Reyes’ runway for New York fashion week on February 17, the three styles will be produced as part of Goodman’s Handmade in Mayfair range.

“The collection revolves around the idea of trees, and we got to choose the wood for the platforms. It was amazing that making that change allowed us to see the whole process in-house,” Reyes marveled. “But we wanted to keep Georgina’s DNA in there.” That DNA manifests itself in sensible, real-world-friendly designs—eventually. According to Goodman, the catwalk looks pictured above focus on a silhouette (translated into runway-speak, that means ultra-high heels), but the ones created for the commercial collection will be a little more manageable. Or as Reyes explains of the more comfortable platforms, “Easier to chase after the taxis in!”

The Georgina Goodman for Brian Reyes Handmade in Mayfair collection will be available at Georgina Goodman’s London boutique, 44 Old Bond St., after February 17. Prices start at £500, or approximately $807.



  1. ErinLD says:

    I love how they’re using wood to compliment the tree inspiration. I can’t wait to see Brian Reyes Fall 2010.

  2. ErinLD says:

    I love the use of wood to complement the tree inspiration. Can’t wait to see what Brian Reyes does for Fall 2010.

  3. RaeDil009 says:

    I cannot wait to see these on the runway! They are beyond adorable. Chic and sophisticated!

  4. RaeDil009 says:

    I can’t wait to see these on the runway in February. So chic and sophisticated!

  5. christinak10 says:

    I’m so excited to see Brian dabble in the shoe department…. can’t wait to see these sketches come to life on the runway. If they’re anything like his clothing I might be in love!

  6. marjolyn says:

    how rad! Brian Reyes limited edition handmade shoes. Lovee it.

  7. bblank3 says:

    These look great for fall! Although, I am glad they will come with a shorter heel! Can’t wait to see the real deal as well as the Brian Reyes fall collection!

  8. tarajb says:

    These are gorgeous. Reyes is quickly becoming an industry leader in modern, feminine luxury apparel. Love it!!!

  9. juliecha says:

    Handmade, super high-heels, modern, and nature inspired just like Brian’s Spring Collection’s delicate prints, I cannnot wait to get my hands on this shoes!

  10. mollysuecronin says:

    Although I looove Manolos, these shoes are going to look fabulous on the runway!

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