August 20 2014

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Get The Candles Ready…


Is your birthday card in the mail? Tomorrow, Katherine Ann Moss—you may know her better as Kate—turns 36. The girl’s been in front of the lens since she was 15, making her a lifer in the fashion game several times over. We’d be the first to step up and present her with a lifetime achievement award, except that she shows no signs of being anywhere near finished yet: The latest feather in Ms. Moss’ cap, a design gig at Longchamp, a brand she’s faced since 2006, was announced today. So instead, we’ll just say happy birthday, and take a moment to remember when—in this case (above), Paris, 1991.

Photo: David Tunley/Corbis



  1. MilanaFSA says:

    She is so beautiful…

    Milana from

  2. mercuryloge says:

    this 90s catwalk vid of the great ms moss says (some of) it all – – plus the Coppola vid to I Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself

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