August 28 2014

styledotcom When did we become so obsessed with butts, though?

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Gossip Girl‘s Secret Staple Revealed!


In his new book You Know You Want It, Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman goes boldly into some of the styling trade’s most intimate regions: “underwear and breasts and bras and things that can push and pull,” he explained last night at Henri Bendel, where Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester were co-hosting a launch party.

“It was a battle with the publisher to get the book to where I wanted it to be—very in-your-face. But that’s who I am,” Daman said, adding that at his Tyra taping earlier that day, the America’s Next Top Model girls had been all over it. What’s his secret? “The text is really big.”

Give Daman credit for practicing what he preaches—he had duct tape under his bowtie and tuxedo shirt—and for educating Jessica Szohr, among others. “I’m a girl from Wisconsin,” Szohr said. “Everything I know about fashion is because of Eric and Gossip Girl.” What she now knows—and the rest of the cast, too—may have much to do with that pushing and pulling. “Spanx are on the set every single day,” Daman dished. “Who’s wearing them, I’m not gonna tell you.”

Photo: Louis Burgis / Retna

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