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Gryphon’s Aldridge Trench Celebrates Post-Apocalypse Now


“This is actually the first time I’ve heard either of their voices,” Gryphon‘s Aimee Cho admitted on a three-way call with, Sea of Shoes‘ Jane Aldridge, and Atlantis Home‘s Judy Aldridge. Despite having worked on a hotly anticipated collaborative trenchcoat, the Aldridge trench—which Cho designed with the mother-daughter blogging duo—she and the Aldridges have never met in person. We brought them together for an exclusive chat about the much-buzzed-about coat (set to hit stores in two weeks).

How did you guys first connect?

Cho: A very good friend of mine [Duskin designer Stephanie Tran] first told me about Jane and Judy’s blogs. Judy had posted a write-up of Duskin, and so that’s what got me there. I think what’s fun about their blogs is that while they both clearly are serious in their love of style and fashion, they don’t take it too seriously. They have a sense of humor about it.

What was inspiration for the design?

Jane Aldridge: My mom and I had sort of been feeling this new punk vibe, and when we were in Tokyo last summer, that was really the only place we saw it. They were wearing these post-apocalyptic designs that we were really into.

Judy Aldridge: We were actually quite lonely during that time and it magnified that apocalyptic feeling. It was a jacket you need to survive; we felt like we could wear that to survive and that was all we’d need.

How did you decide on the particular elements—the bell sleeves, the waist pouch?

Jane: The bell sleeves just popped out one day. I love their flair—we both really like drama.

Judy: I think we said OK, there’s the typical sleeve we always see, so how could we do it differently?

Jane: And I like the waist pouch because I don’t like to carry bags. My mom always carries her gigantic Prada and puts her whole life into it. But it’s nice, though, not to have to carry a big bag around.

If you could build the perfect outfit around the coat, what would it be?

Jane: Definitely with sequined harem pants and some crazy Balenciagas.

Judy: I’d wear it with great jeans, my lace-up Ann Demeulemeester boots, and a scarf. I really will wear this coat anywhere. It’s going to be a great coat for Texas for our climate, for the rain and for chilly days.

There’s quite a bit of buzz around the jacket. What are you expecting?

Cho: The reaction to the coat has been insane. Just from when both Judy and Jane posted about it on their blogs, literally overnight things got crazy. I came in the next morning and I had all these e-mails from people saying how they were desperate to have one, and asking to get all the information. While I was explaining the coat in sales appointments it was harder to explain how special the collaboration was and what they’re both about. Initially, we didn’t sell as many as I think the demand is there for. At the consumer level, there are going to be so many people who want it because they follow the blogs. I don’t necessarily think the stores were prepared for that.

When you three finally meet in person, what’s the plan?

Jane: We have a sleepover planned!

Photo: Courtesy of Jane and Judy Aldridge



  1. violeta89 says:

    the pouch is unexpected and majorly functional. i wish it was sold separately on a thinner belt

  2. lolita1992 says:

    The coat looks like anything else you would see with added bell sleeves and a pouch. I don’t get the hype.

  3. nyvintagechic says:

    Shocking. The trench sleeve looks eaxactly like the jacket they purchased in Tokyo last summer.

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