April 16 2014

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Jewelry Finds From The Age Of Aquarius


Welcome to the seventies, man. We’ve been noticing for weeks now that the hard-edged eighties looks of last year are starting to give way to something a little softer—less body-con, more bodacious. As if on cue, The Way We Wore’s vintage buyer Doris Raymond has turned up a treasure trove of seventies pieces from design duo Alex & Lee. They certainly tapped into the era’s free-to-be-you-and-me ethos, designing more-is-more necklaces, bracelets, and brooches piling on metals, stones, and beads, and their wares wound up in the collections of some of the decade’s most flamboyant characters: Cher, Diana Ross, and, of course, Elton John. But no one outdazzles the designers themselves (below). In their own words: “Within the meditation of Love and Peace lies our inspiration for creation. We view ourselves as instruments through which a psychic language of affirmation materializes. Our process of collaboration leads us to the mystical union of at-one-ment.” Groovy!
Mixed media necklaces, price on request, available at The Way We Wore,

Photos: Courtesy of The Way We Wore



  1. Archie_DiMeo says:

    I am effing in love with these two!! I feel like we fell off the same love wagon!! I`m dying to see more of their collection!!!