September 2 2014

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Meet Supima’s Next-Wave Stars


Fashion week’s soon to be upon us, when the one-namers—Marc, Diane, Donna, Calvin—will be the names on everyone’s lips. But before then, Supima is giving six up-and-comers their own shot at fashion fame. The third annual Supima Design Competition commences next Tuesday, where a half-dozen emerging labels will present their designs to a judging panel including New York Times fashion director Horacio Silva and Parsons dean of fashion Simon Collins. Nai’s Nadia Ivanova, Robin Tomas, Rochambeau’s Michael Venker, Gina DeSilva, Heber Sanchez, and the sister duo of Sachika’s To-Tam and To-Nya Ton-Nu will each design three women’s evening looks and one men’s T-shirt; the winner will have his or her T-shirt sold at Bloomingdale’s. Want to get in on the ground floor? Supima’s given a first look at the six designers’ sketches. Sound off on your favorites in the comments below. We’ll bring you the winner next week; if your pick takes the prize, the I-told-you-so rights are yours to claim.
Pictured, clockwise from top left: Robin Tomas; Michael Venkner; Sachika; Gina DeSilva; Nadia Ivanova; and Heber Sanchez.



  1. NotMod says:

    Robin Thomas it is!

  2. abrown says:

    Heber Sanchez, I hope you win.

  3. Kuneho says:

    Tomas all the way.

  4. Conchita_Valdez says:

    Go Heber Sanchez!!! Beautiful design!

  5. 4love says:

    Nadia Ivanova’s design is the best & I hope wins.

  6. NotMod says:

    Please, let me be an idealist just once…

    Look down the link below, then the drawings above, and tell me whether Ivanova’s would not have fit just so on the catwalk of Elie Saab, Fall 2009 Couture, right after #13.

  7. 4love says:

    NotMod, I see your point. “idealist” but I do think that we will see more of Nadia Ivanova as a designer.

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