August 31 2014

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One Thing We Learned From Today’s Press Call With Kelly Cutrone


The Kell-raiser herself fielded calls from the press on a conference call this afternoon, and thanks to the always entertaining Awl [], we’ve got a transcript. It’s worth a quick read for an end-of-day laugh, but if you’re strapped for time and need the takeaway message, here it is: Whether or not you know it or recognize it, Kelly Cutrone is wearing Margiela. Don’t, as they say, get it twisted.



  1. gisellegg says:

    hmmm your right hilarious!! – maybe she had a bad day? she’s depressing….

  2. Lansdowne says:

    This women is embarrassing – I feel bad for her kids – Im not surprised shes a single parent – she’s a disgrace to women everywhere – a feminist !!!!! The suffragettes will be quivering in their graves

  3. nordy says:

    Kelly is raw and real. To live in a world full of hot air and sugar-coating is boring. Love it or hate it, she is captivating.

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