August 27 2014

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Sophomore: The Movie


Spring means sun, fun, and apparently, booze on the boardwalk, which is just where Chrissie Miller and frequent collaborator Cass Bird headed to shoot the new video “trailer” for Sophomore’s Spring 2010 collection. A group of Miller’s favored roustabouts—no star appearances from Harley Viera-Newton or Jen Brill this time, though Virgins front man Donald Cummings does make a profanity-laced cameo—kicks it on the boardwalk and discusses the finer points of the good life. A word to the wise: It’s NSFW, if your W frowns on four-letter words issuing from your cubicle. Safe to assume we’ll hear more of the same at the party celebrating its release later this month.



  1. gisellegg says:

    Chrissie is just a super cool chic. Sophomore oozzes freshness and youthfulness. The collections are unassumingly sexy.
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