August 29 2014

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Who’s Wearing Whom?


Here at, there are few things we like more come awards season than a game of “Which Designer Will They Wear?” Some actresses make it relatively easy—can you remember the last time Renée Zellweger hit the red carpet in anything but Carolina Herrera? Others, like Penélope Cruz and Chloë Sevigny, keep us guessing. With the 67th Annual Golden Globes coming up this weekend, followed by the SAGs, the Grammys, and the BAFTAs and culminating with the Oscars on March 7, we’ve pulled our favorite dresses from the recent collections and assigned them to Hollywood’s biggest stars. We’ll have to wait till Sunday to see which of them are thinking along the same lines.

Click for a slideshow, and tell us if you agree with our picks. If not, what looks would you prefer for these A-listers?




Photo: Marcio Madeira




  1. NotMod says:

    IMAGINE [Oscar de la Renta Salma Hayek], but… who knows…

    A few pickings seem too subtle for that red carpet – not that a change of pace in that direction would hurt. Rationally, would expect a relative overflow of esoteric handiwork walking the red plank this year.

    And yes, that particular fiery Veneta too – mostly wishful thinking, admittedly.

  2. lindaluau says:

    I heard that Carey Mulligan is unofficially the new face for Prada. A very similar Marchesa has already been worn by Olivia Wilde. In my Golden Globes Lookbook, I have the same Armani for Penelope and the Versace for Vera Farmiga (she likes Versace). I like your choices though! I’ve been going to the Golden Globes website to see who’ll be attending and Renee, Cate nor Tilda isn’t listed as attendees so far. Also, Amy Adams seems to be wearing Carolina Herrera a lot these days.


  3. Arbelbashloberant says:

    what about Meryl Streep?

  4. Valerio says:

    Yep Romney I can agree with your or the picks. I’m only curious which celeb will wear the designs of Dior or Chanel, I personally like them but arent these not a little bit to shocking for a red carpet event? Actually the same with the dressess of Versace and Gucci, you have to be a brave woman on whatever coming event to dress yourself up that way. I enjoy already the critics or admiration from people who will write about the events. I already give a big BRAVO for the celeb which will show up in a dress of the choice and showed to us via the slideshow. Ciao

  5. luvcouture21 says:

    I love that dress. It looks like a piece of art!!! I want to wear it!!!

  6. MilanaFSA says:

    What a great list! I can really see those women in those dresses you picked – I only disagree with the pick for Jennifer Garner. The dress is not my favorite…

    Milana from

  7. AmateurExpert says:

    That Narciso Rodriguez dress has already made its debut. Diane Kruger wore it the the 13th Annual Hollywood Awards.

  8. Wencudo says:

    i think all of that dresses will look good to the nominees,
    especially Sandra Bullock with Armani,but ,i prefer Giambattista Valli pre-fall dress for Cameron Diaz(the white and black one with some fur in waist) to the one you have chosen.Oh,For Drew Barrymore, i think the dress is not really suitable.

  9. suzQcantgetenough says:

    few changes…all gorgeous fabulous picks, but would put Cameron in the Haider Ackermann, Julianne Moore in Oscar, Chloe Sevigny in Calvin, Marion Coittaid if Marchesa, & Penelope in the Narciso gown…..

  10. Alias4life1 says:

    How funny- MARION COTILLARD actually wore the suggested/predicted Dior gown! It was an excellent choice, and the paring with the Jimmy Choo shoes made the entire look perfect.

  11. NotMod says:

    I wasn’t really hoping to see one of the glass-weave Venetta dresses on the red carpet, but thre it was already – the violet ‘orchid’ number at the Globes!! Yyyippee! [Sandra Bullock]

    Happy! And looking forward to trying one on too.

  12. jen31o says:

    all the dresses seemed amazing, but I don’t think the Michael Kors dress was for Jen Garner nor the Ferretti for Drew Barrymore.

  13. Jacquline says:

    This dress is stunning!

  14. Maria007 says:

    Elie Saabs haute couture!!!

  15. VirginiaEddie says:

    Yes Yes Yes to this Oscar de la Renta! I want to see it on Marion Cotillard or Cate Blanchette. It is sooooooooo damn good.

  16. polkadot23 says:

    I love this game!

    Good choices, Romney. You already won with Marion in Dior!

    Cameron Diaz (or anyone else) would look pretty scary in that Chanel number – but then again, she was pretty scary in Vanilla Sky. I could swear I’ve SEEN Sandra Bullock in that Armani dress, and that Marchesa gown is the perfect colour for Halle Berry. JJ would look perfect in lavender Versace, but anything’s better than what she wore to the Globes.

    I like the suggestion of Meryl Streep for the Caroline Herrera – altho it’s not my taste – but could also see Julianne More, or Kate Blanchett (if they’re going). OOH! Yes, Amy Adams.

    Thanks for putting together a fun little diversion.

    jill @

  17. pumba2003 says:

    just a grammatical correction–we SO overuse the word “whom.” this should be “who’s wearing who?” where’s your editor?

  18. thomasng3 says:

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  19. thomasng3 says:

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  20. francine43 says:

    Gorgeous dress–but the model? OMG, she looks horrible. Anorexic and sick. Quite distracting–I could barely look at the dress. Are we not over this yet?

  21. RomanceRose says:

    I think the dress for Jennifer Aniston in slideshow really would fit….but really, who knows???
    But I really would wonder if Miss Aniston wears something non black ;)

  22. RomanceRose says:

    oh I really think, Jennifer aniston should wear the gucci Dress….it would fit perfectly:)But I also think, like polkadot23 hat Cameron Diaz woud look like a witch in the Chanel dress…..

  23. lonely_cyber19 says:

    i really like the gown….

  24. leatherjackets99 says:

    I love that dress.

  25. ShirleyFich says:

    Beautiful dress!! :)

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