August 22 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? J. Lo, Working Woman


La Lopez has been on a wild tear lately: The woman we once knew for being singularly provocative (who could forget the famous, barely-there Versace of the 2000 Grammys?) is now bouncing from demure to diabolical and back again. Some days she seems to be channeling Lady Gaga; others, she’s smartly suited up like the businesswoman she is. A recent TV appearance on George Lopez’s Lopez Tonight falls into the latter category. The singer and actress wore Hussein Chalayan to try her hand as a late-night host (she gave the opening monologue), and though we don’t exactly see those two as a match made in fashion heaven, we’ve got to admit, she does the guy proud. The studio audience loves her. We do, too. You?



  1. Mmistry says:

    Definitely well played for J. Lo. But esp with the unfortunate bodysuit incident, it seems like she’s trying way too hard to hop onto the Rihanna-Gaga-Beyonce fashion train. And that strategy on the whole is not quite working for her.

  2. gisellegg says:

    Everytime I see Lopez she gets it wrong – her stylist seems to have severe mood swings as there is nothing underlyingly J-Lo about anything she wears.
    This white suit however looks fantastic – polished and the detail on the jacket is gorgeous – whether a black tank is the best choice hmmmmm need some more texture in there.

  3. Briggettemarie says:

    Jen is trying to get back into the swing of things. Which is never going to be the same now that she is the mother of twins. She has to balance it all. Lopez is still going to be one of the best and most fashionable woman, but I think she’s not going to review as much skin as in the pass.

  4. mercuryloge says:

    i am sure the outfit is beautifully made, but it does nothing for me, and looks like nothing special; and i never listen to her music and haven’t watched tv since 1976; i am sure she is a wonderful person – twitter \,,/

  5. kgdouglas says:

    I don’t care for the outfit, but acknowledge that it’s only something J. Lo can carry off. It was exactly right for a gig as host (professional, yet casual with some edge), as well as for the George Lopez show audience. I’m sure she didn’t write her material, but she was spot on in her delivery. She should guest host. I’d watch. Kudos to her for giving it a shot.

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