August 28 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? When Gaga Met Oprah


What happens when two of the world’s biggest media personalities come together? This jumpsuit. Custom-made by menswear designer Nicolas Petrou of Petrou\Man, the mesh bodysuit with paillette sequins seemed an almost demure choice for Gaga—as we learned from her interview, she hates to be called “Lady.” (Of course, she did don a studded metal romper for her performance.) What do you think? Is this a chart-topping hit, or is she caught in a bad, well, jumpsuit?



  1. Valerio says:

    Normally she and her staff have had a better choice of clothing her. She wears pieces I sometimes like or dislike. But this is a real mishap of her PR management, she looks like someone who wanna to be her look alike. If you had said that in the article I fully would support you with your opinion. This is a terrible off day for Lady Gaga. Oh by the way at her record company she’s called Lady Gaga so why should we scratch Lady in her artist name? Ms. Germanotti isn’t Prince who had the honor to change his name several time. But okay for her this outfit is a big NAY. Arrivederci

  2. futurefashionzoey says:

    Oh, wow! My first thought was ugly peacock or soem kind of freaky bird! I prefer any of her crazy outfits compared to this one! Poor Gaga! I feel sad for this outfit!

  3. Gwilty says:

    Hey I think ‘Gaga’ looks amazing. I do admire people who pushes indiviualism. Whatever the plan, it must have worked, we are all talking about her. Go Gaga!!

  4. mercuryloge says:

    i don’t really care what the great and gracious lady gaga wears, since she is wonderful anyway, and i don’t even listen to her music ! (although i hear paparazzi and it’s very beautiful) – part of what i believe lady g does is to transcend kitsch into an art form, so anything she wears not worthy of vogue simply says more about her – she clearly loves some of the great designers – i don’t like pantsuits (or even most pants) on women, and this one really doesn’t look like too much, in this pic anyway \,,/

  5. FabsBabs says:

    She reminds me of Honey (the sister with wack-a-doodle hair) from Notting Hill in this still.

  6. yyyuuuwwweeeiii says:

    this gaga is indeed ugly.well,it is wut it is!she’s just ugly!and i dont think her style can be said to be a “style”.check this link!she looks exactly like this gaga.

  7. MilanaFSA says:

    Oh my! Ugly is the new black? I love Lady Gaga’s courage, but that hair is not her best style. I love the suit on her though!

    Milana from

  8. RadioActiveVenus says:

    Just plain wrong.
    Nothing wrong with wanting to be outrageous, but the ‘ugly chich’ isn’t anyones favorite :/

  9. powdermoose says:

    Ridiculous. She looks like a bad statue of liberty imitation that wouldn’t even look good for Halloween.

  10. Endlesscrowd says:

    I usually enjoy looking at all the different ways Gaga tries to push the fashion envelope. Not in this particular meeting. It looks like something I have seen out of an 80′s movie, perhaps it was fifth element. I cannot remember but this is not the Gaga I like to see. Hopefully she can redeem herself soon.

  11. Kdub9592 says:

    Hate the hair!

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