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Alexander McQueen, RIP


The news that Alexander McQueen has killed himself is particularly devastating because it always felt to me like he’d be the last man standing. He was restless, but so pragmatic with it I assumed he had what it took to endure the extreme situations he placed himself in. He was also an arch romantic with a pessimistic streak. It produced some of the most beautiful, shocking images in the history of fashion, but it’s a state of mind that can lead to endless disappointments. The death of McQueen’s mother last week would have validated his pessimism. It would undoubtedly have taken away his most vital support. It’s awful to imagine him trying—and failing—to cope, and one can only hope that, if he was looking for peace, he found it. For everyone left behind, there will eventually be consolation, however scant right now, in a body of work whose power will never die.

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. georginakate says:

    A perfect explanation full of poignance. It does bring some peace.

  2. billszoka says:

    Truly shocking to wake up to. He was truly one of the most brilliant and versatile designers ever. Clothes that were at times the most fragile and beautiful things you could imagine and then turn around and give you the hardest hitting things you had ever seen. Rest peacefully….

  3. stharis says:

    That’s just unbelievable. Too sad. He was a fashion genius. Fashion world will always miss him. RIP

  4. AvonDorsey says:

    Thanks for this Tim… I JUST remember last March being at McQueen’s show and taking a picture with you in front of the ‘pile’ of his collectibles. God Bless Us All :)

  5. Mmistry says:

    Beautifully put, Tim. It’s a dark, dark day in the fashion world.

  6. o8b3 says:

    he was one of my favorite designers and it is very sad to see such an amazing mind like that wasted, but the article put it very well, alexander mcqueen RIP you will be remembered

  7. CandyM says:

    I’m sitting here with my mouth agape. Terrible news.

  8. gwenluva06 says:

    This does truly come as a shock and so SO very tragic. A genius that the world will miss…he was one of a kind. :(

  9. pet464500 says:

    He was a genius. This is a tragic loss. Well put Tim

  10. fashionista79 says:

    Thank you for this, Tim. His death is a loss to the world of fashion for he was such an artist, transcending the term of “designer.”

    Hopefully, he is at peace.

  11. ephemera says:

    My response comes in the form of tears. I’m completely shocked.

  12. loskamillos says:

    After Yves-Saint Laurent he was my favorite designer. Today I watched ‘Bad Romance’ and again I was so thrilled with the beauty of his modern clothes and boots.

  13. Lilev says:

    I just can’t believe it! His last RTW fashion show was truly amazing and one of the most interesting. Isn’t there any room for someone like this on earth?? And in the fasHion industry??

  14. smearedeyeliner says:

    Eloquently put Mr. Blanks, thank you kindly for your words.

  15. mckayn1 says:


  16. indihues says:

    This is unbelievable. RIP Alexander

  17. InRainbows says:

    I still cant believe, tragic news.

  18. lovecouture1 says:

    Truly devastated…such a loss:( The death of his dear mum was too much for his artistic soul to bear…tragic:( Thankful for the extraordinary beauty he gave us…

  19. brightsummer says:

    This is so shocking and sad. He was so brilliant that there is no other can design things like him. Rest in peace…

  20. lucialdn says:

    I just got back from the library (damn them not having announcements like this)and got bombarded with calls telling me of this. . theres not a word strong enough. . news . I am absolutely ajar with shock and upset over the talent and genius that died with him. He was my inspiration and determination to push forward for my dreams, such a loss.

  21. jA_1 says:

    –sorry for the loss to all those who knew him or felt his power in a show. Obviously as viewers, admirer-ers he gave us power, fun. R.I.P. Thank you Mr. McQueen you were AMAZING.

  22. ccgptwinc says:

    living in america , where , i feel , is the birth place of cookie cutter fashion, mcqueen, for me gave me assurance that art and imagination can still strive in this capitolistic industry. i cant help but refer to Micheal Jackson, and how he and mcqeen were held hostage by their talent, with McQeen loosing his mom, which was his support system, I feel he made a haisty mistake , that unfortunatly cant be fixed, As hard as we work in this industry, and as critical as we are of each other, i think this is a time to realize that the fashion industry is precious, and is our only outlet (for some ) for expression, so we need to respect each other, as well as our talent and lives , Mcqueen will def b missed

  23. ivettiso says:

    So shocked and sad. Like most, I will never be able to own a McQueen original, but his clothes were such an inspiration. I always looked forward to his collections and his last blew my mind. His artistic viewpoint always struck a cord with me and he was my favorite designer. I hope you find peace Alexander McQueen.

  24. digibudi says:

    As we all are, I’m in shock. I find the words written here comforting and beautiful. In respect for his family and friends, my greatest condolence to them. Deeply saddened by this loss of such a great artist. – debeuf nikolaas, Belgium

  25. SweetLikeKiwi says:

    So sad. He’s one of my favourite designers. I always said that if I suddenly became rich, the first thing I’d do was either buy a McQueen bag or shoes!

  26. mon_y says:

    a very great will miss him.

  27. christopherpeirce says:

    Mr. Tim Blanks says it all.
    I have nothing to about this man.
    His body of work, his view of the McQueen woman,is how he wished to express himself. And he expressed himself beautifully, if not tragically.

  28. Valerio says:

    A terrible loss for the industry and for his family. You can’t compare him with no one, he was a genius in his designs. The woman which discovered him Isabelle Blow committed suicide 3 years ago, she was his best friend and I hope he will meet her again now they are both dead. Above all I hope he find the peace he was looking for during his live. R.I.P. dear Mr. McQueen

  29. OOnaOwl says:

    This is so very sad & shocking! RIP Alexander. Your maverick vision & punk approach will live on in your creations.

  30. artdeco5 says:

    I am totally shocked! His designs were absolutely inspirational and visionary! We all will miss his vision and designs.

  31. lmm5591 says:

    alexander mcqueen-you were a great artist and designer, you inspired many Rest in Peace

  32. voguefetish says:

    This is nicely written but it is a shame that models don’t also get an obit.

  33. msr_A says:

    I’m shocked and devasted, and maybe I still don’t believe it. We are talking about a pure genius in his best moment.
    I can’t help wondering what is supposed to happen to his fashion house. Could anyone succeed him? I don’t guess so because his power and strengh (alongside all those so well accomplished techniques) laid on his imagination, and that one will never be replaced.

  34. kissd56 says:

    Thank you Tim for your thoughtful words. RIP Alexander

  35. czina says:

    Rest in peace. I always looked forward his amazing runway shows. so stunning. world of fashion will miss his originality.

  36. emurreldi says:

    Today marks a truly devastating loss. I feel lucky to have witnessed such brilliance in my lifetime. Alexander’s impact on the world of the arts and on those who have trouble expressing themselves by other means is immense. His absence will be a great one. Thank you, Tim.

  37. JIN215 says:

    Alexander Mcqueen will always live in my heart, as a powerful mental teacher. I hope your brand will never be disappeared in this fashion world, and someday in future i can work for you!!

  38. JIN215 says:

    why you leave us alone…

  39. fragile_dm says:

    oh my God… why? He was allways first and one and only one forever :(((

  40. leslie1 says:

    I just can’t believe it. I don’t even know what to do with this information. Completely stunned… I just saw pictures of his body being taken out of his apartment, covered in a maroon body bag. Oh precious,sweet boy.

    My heart hurts…

  41. jen31o says:

    He represented this generation and the next. We lost a great one. It’s completely tragic. I feel like we lost someone who was in the midst of innovating fashion.

  42. robynhogarty1988 says:

    exactly, his designs were like art. its awful to think there will be no more.

  43. CMastrangelo says:

    Lee Alexander McQueen’s death is sadly devastating. He led a remarkable career, producing work on a level that I dream of acquiring. In his work he found an exquisite balance between elegance, edge and drama, transcending the lines between art and fashion. He will continue to inspire the art and fashion world long after his death.

  44. NotMod says:

    The man could make the world turn on a dime! Why!

  45. nona2403 says:

    Rest in peace genious!
    We’ll always remmember you!

  46. darrylanderson says:

    this was crazy i could not believe it.he was an i inspirations to all fashionistas and fashinistos. R.I.P. McQueen

  47. s0fa says:

    I can’t believe he’s gone.

  48. DZinerGirl says:

    he was a legend… we are all going to miss him so much

  49. ZBrigitte says:

    I’m shocked and crying. I can’t believe it.

  50. cardyer5 says:

    Such a sad thing to hear. He was easily one of my favorite designers. RIP.

  51. lousybeatnik says:

    After checking my email this morning I was struck by this tragic piece of news on We have lost one of the most brilliant designers/artists of our time.


  52. FrenchCactus says:

    I am in shock. McQueen had such a unique, beautiful, fantastic and daring universe and he was a true genius of a designer on top of that. His shows and collections were awaited by everyone every season, not for commercial reasons, but because we could only admire the work and integrity of this artist, the quality and the beauty of his shows. He will be missed for sure, no one can replace him.

  53. modernaRRL says:

    I cant believe it….. So sad…

  54. Emiliofashuuun says:

    omg iv ben crying 4 the passt 5 min alexander McQueen was the man ho made me beleave that there was hope 4 me in the fashion world and i em the designer that i wana b cuz of him love u much and r.i.p

  55. TheRealRunway says:

    Beautifully and articulately expressed, Tim. I utterly agree,, he really felt like the last true great maverick.

    One can not imagine the depths of despair he was in to feel like his only option was the one he so tragically took.

    Thankfully to his cheeky irreverence and peerless shows, he will leave a never-forgotten legacy.

  56. Miamoz says:

    Tears in my eyes for you Mcqueen, but you know why bye Master, always in our minds.

  57. Miamoz says:

    Tears in my eyes for you master Mcqueen, but you know only why, we will miss you soo much, and thanks for being you.

  58. stamatia says:

    I think Alexander McQueen left us with a rich heritage may he rest in peace. He was a g e n i u s. With so many people reading this around the world i wish to stress that comfort is never enough when we are greiving over a family member so much so a parent, its important to know there is somebody there for you. So to anyone that reads this I propose in memory of Alexander McQueen that when we come to know a person that goes through a hard time like this one was for him,to offer our presence, ears and heart to them maybey it cold make a difference.

  59. miaglory says:


  60. Teffy says:

    This is too shocking, i just can swallow this one. He was a revolution, a big genius

  61. stellarbella says:

    I found out from my sisters this morning on my way to class so I didn’t really absorb what actually just happened. After class I came home and logged on where I immediately felt the urge to just look at his art, look at all his past collections, out of appreciation and respect. It wasn’t until doing this did I truly grasp the loss we have encountered. His artistic ability and brilliance held no bounds and as an aspiring desi gner, I can only feel like I lost a loved one. I am devastated. Rip Lee.

  62. smorris says:

    I disbelief that there will be consolation eventually :(
    With the loss of Lee to the fashion world perhaps in decades from now people will realise what an impact his different point of view should have been instead of the growing shallowness that fashion nowadays appears to grow …Indeed, this ia a bad day for the fashionworld.

  63. aDIORable_guy says:

    I cannot believe what I’m seeing. I’m in shock and at a loss for words. The fashion world has lost a great genius and my prayers go out to his family at this time. I think suicide isn’t talked about enough in the industry when I think about people like Isabella Blow and now McQ?

  64. italstal980 says:

    Alexander McQueen was unprecedented and so inspiring. So happy to say I have a piece from the amazing designer being memories, inspiration, and a phenomenal trench. McQueen Will Always Inspire

  65. dahliajean says:

    Devastating loss for the fashion world – and the world in general.

  66. Marie_Harfjeld91 says:

    Shocking news, absolutely devastating. Beautiful post!
    RIP the king of british fashion

  67. nicck says:

    Espero ahora estés bien, entre colibríes y hermosas rocas brillantes de color McQ

  68. youandy says:

    A great artist who was able to break the boundary between morbid and sublim. Thanks. RIP

  69. MarcJLVR7 says:

    Simply Unbelievable. I can’t beleive it. May he rest in peace.

  70. dieselgrl says:

    The loss of Lee McQueen is more then the loss of just a fashion designer. It is the loss of a great inspiration. His work touched and influenced me in many ways that will never be forgotten. My thoughts go out to his friends and family. If the news of his death can affect a girl who lives in the Midwest of the United States so, I cannot imagine the sorrow they’re feeling.

  71. mdmom says:

    He must have been so lonely and felt that he had no one to turn to about his sorrows. I don’t know much about him but for his clothes. Where was his support system? For all the sycophants in the fashion and entertainment industry, he could not find true friends and kindred spirits?

  72. manologal7 says:

    RIP Alexander McQueen. Your admiral talent for Fashion design will forever be a legend.


  73. BarbaraStacishin says:

    RIP McQueen, the fashion world will surely miss you. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  74. vilandra says:

    I just cant belive it..this is to tragic
    He was unique, we will miss you
    Just life…

  75. vilandra says:

    Many moments of silence there shall be for you are no loger here.

  76. fashcrash07 says:

    i can’t even believe it…his work has always been makes me sadder that he took his own life. just can’t believe it. my mind can’t even comprehend it.who else will step in to do what he did? Rest in peace<3

  77. styleicon330 says:

    This was very well put. He will truly be missed.

  78. manchester says:

    my favourite designer. but in the end, it shows us that greater than design, clothes, and beauty, there is love, family and turmoil.

  79. solitaryraven says:

    No one will be able to replace Lee (Alexander) McQueen. Rest in peace.

  80. antifashion says:

    Tim, this article is brilliant, thanks

  81. urtzardy says:

    i love ur page–it inspires me…

  82. urtzardy says:

    i am so hurt—-i’m going to miss u me beloved Alexander MCqueen….may u rest in peace—i love u!

  83. Serim says:

    We, designers are all fragile. in a case of losing a very loved one we can’t stand strong…even for a very creative genious like Alexander Mcqueen who seemed always having fun and really satisfied with his designs sometimes life can be very very hard to keep on. and that time nor art nor fashion can help us to go on alone. i understand him and i have a great empathy for him. rest in peace alex:))) you were always admired from deep inside of me!!!

  84. bettydesigner says:

    There will never be consolation for those left behind. I don’t understand what Tim Blanks is talking about.
    Why did this happen? Hopefully there will come a day when there is no stigma over depression and mental illness. His mother’s death was the straw that broke the camel’s bake, but most probably Alexander McQueen had been suffering from severe depression for a long time. It is so, so sad when such bright, talented people end their amazing lifes.

  85. kelleyd says:

    This is just tragic. On so many levels. So many of today’s brands are expendable; kill one and five more with the same “edgy, downtown take on basics” replace it. But McQueen and his talent were a rare gift to the industry–a breath of (however subverted) fresh air. His absence will leave a void in the industry that will not easily be filled.

  86. theDOTinbetween says:

    I’m going to admit that I started crying when I heard the terrible news.

    To think that such a brilliant and unparalleled talent would fall to nothing less than suicide is completely shocking.

    A genius of his own right who dared to delve into the world of fashion in a way that few others dared to, his amazing creations never ceased to take my breath away and leave me gaping in wonder.

    Rest in peace.

    my own tribune to Alexander McQueen//
    He was truly a sole to admire for his impeccable talent and creativity, and his bravery in delving into the fashion world in a way that few others dared.

    Alexander McQueen,
    Rest in peace.

  87. hjszzang21 says:

    Hang un e ham ge ha gil….. i miss u always. i respect u. i will become you. wait.

  88. lovelylady23 says:

    This is so beautiful! I also saw this posted on Jane Aldridge’s (seaof shoes)twitter, it is very touching.

  89. R5T2 says:

    I am so sad over this and so shocked at the pain I feel for someone I did not know. I believe he was a genius, a creative genius. I’m comforted in the realization that his creations will continue to inspire.

  90. citizenrosebud says:

    Very beautifully put. I think this tragedy has hit me so hard is just that: he did seem like he’d be the last man standing. It is a terrible and premature loss. There is a great void now in the voice of fashion. Rest In Peace, Mr. McQueen.

  91. vtgirl says:

    Way back when Fashion File was a TV show, I started watching designers shows and was really enthralled, though I am not fashionista by any means. The creativity of design always excited me somehow, even when I knew pieces I was seeing would not be something I’d wear.
    Alexander McQueen’s designs took my breath away and I’ve always thought him a creative genius, brilliant beyond his years. This is a tragic loss to the fashion community. I am so saddened by this news.

  92. neomatrixgirl says:

    I feel as if my heart is breaking. Knowing that there will be no more Alexander McQueen and no more shows is so incredibly sad. He was my favorite fashion designer ever! There is no one like him, and will never again be anyone like him! A unique, amazing designer! RIP.

  93. gisellegg says:

    Tim, this is the most beautiful post I have read so far on Mcqueen. It is short but to the point and touches on the intrinsic issues within peoples personal lifes that outsiders can never really understand. Mcqueen was a visionary…

  94. jcp393 says:

    Still in shock and devastated! Can not believe that my personal idol has killed himself.
    Alexander McQueen will always remain as one of the most remarcable talents of all the times. I always thought that we´ll be one of the last man standing. His work is truly inspirational; he produced most of the beautiful yet shocking images of all times.
    R.I.P Lee Alexander McQueen

  95. DeReina says:

    My favourite designer of all time. But it’s the human being that will be missed. Much love & sadness.

  96. Briggettemarie says:

    I am sadden that such a brilliant talent is no longer here. I was so moved by his Spring 2010 collection. Alexander McQueen will go down in history as one of the great designer of the last decade, also as a true artist. I remember his first fashion show, where he hide his face during interveiw, because he was receiving government money. He had come along way in fashion, so much to offer the world.

  97. artelcs says:

    Thank you, Mr. Blanks. Your insight into what happened is compassionate and does not exploit the McQueen. It is a sad death indeed.

  98. paulvalentine says:

    One of the most influential persons ever lived in fashion has died and has his passing in fourth place. This is an tragic loss. We will never see AMcQ’s creative force again. NEVER!!!!!! Don’t you get it? This is it. Respect must be paid. Anna, Andre-dick-wad, fashion has shifted – authority must voice – things are different now – fashion is dying – couture is nearly dead. You have a job. Do IT!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Paolo_Lopez says:

    He will be terribly miss. The fashion world just wouldn’t be the same without him. Rest in Peace Alexander Lee Mcqueen

  100. IYABO says:

    Deeply touched & moved by the Passing,The Presence,& The Future of Alexander McQueen.In my opinion he has & always will continue to exist in the FUTURE…

  101. GarconTetu says:

    The core of creativity is dead. Not even Gaultier and Galliano can be compared to his genius. McQueen had his own universe. Fashion just turned into a dark chapter. He will be impossible to replace.

  102. FashionablyTacky says:

    This news is so tragic. I believe that McQueen was one of the greatest designers of our time. So creative. Such a great loss.


  103. satkrit says:

    Ur never gonna read this mate.. but in a way you are the one who opened my eyes to whats creative thinking….U dont even know i exist…nor know how much i admired and respected you… will miss you forever..

  104. amilius says:

    Mr. McQueen’s gift to us in this lifetime is complete. And such a gift so as to amaze creative minds for years to come…

  105. VictorStew says:

    There are really no words to express how tragic… I was shocked & utterly devastated when I heard the news of his death. Alexander McQueen was an inspiration, and I know it is a fact that he will be missed. RIP Mr. McQueen.

  106. cjswodoffl says:

    I’m very Shocked and depressive. His designs were the best of the best. We can not see his new look so sad. Now I would like to hope that Alexander McQueen rest in peace.

  107. nina1018 says:

    another genius passed away whom i really wanted to meet someday in my life.

  108. derekbro says:

    there are no words that can do any justice to how I feel. He was one of the Gods. A true legend. This marks the end of an era for fashion. RIP McQueen, I love you so much. Your incredible work will never be forgotten and will always inspire like it has inspired me.

  109. avantianggia says:

    It’s sad. So sad. My deepest condolences to the death of Alexander McQueen.

  110. akubitong says:

    My God… Impossible!!!!
    Why Why Why???

    Thanks Tim…
    We all love you Mcqueen and your spirit will live forever…

  111. sylvaliu says:

    i will miss him forever!!!!!!!

  112. sylvaliu says:


  113. clogs says:

    Nicely written!
    McQueen’s aesthetics trancends the world of fashion. His universe spoke to all our senses, it was immediate, beautiful, intriguing and complex.
    The whole world, not only the fashion world, has lost a visionary of a kind it could use more of.

  114. ccwing says:

    Miss you forever. When you gone, just like missing a part of the heart of the fashion world. Miss you so much…

  115. deeva says:

    I still can’t believe this is true…
    I just want to share my sorrow with the world of fashion. I feel something very similar to what I felt when I heard Michael (Jackson) died or when I found out about Brittany Murphy, it’s so sad to see such a big talent going away…
    And it’s even more painful if he took his own life…Teaches us a lesson about fame, money, power, they’re nothing at the end…

    We can only be grateful that he shared his amazing talent with the world and that we are living in a McQueen influenced fashion world.

  116. Oh_my_gucci says:

    What an amazing designer. A tragic loss to the fashion industry. RIP McQueen…

  117. fashionista125 says:

    Alexander Mcqueen was one of my biggest heroes, he was someone I looked up to. It has been my life long dream to find a career in fashion design, and would always think that if I ever was successful in the fashion world, I’d be like Alexander Mcqueen. It is extremely sad to think that the fashion world has lost one of it’s greatest designers. RIP Mr. Mcqueen; you will be greatly missed.

  118. doritpapenheim says:

    What heartbreaking news! We all hope, Alexander you will find the peace you were looking for! Your genius, glorious works of art and beauty will be remembered! R.I.P.!

  119. Hanssen says:

    Hope he’s fine now. I really loved he’s work and wish him peace there where he is with all my heart.

  120. kuriii says:

    this is unbelievable!!!

  121. hmaasik says:

    take look .nice little video about Alexander .

  122. eccles says:

    Will we ever know why he took his own life?

  123. isaac01 says:

    RIP Alexander I will miss you so much

  124. antifashion says:

    Tim you are a brilliant writer “He was also an arch romantic with a pessimistic streak “. This line is so accurate, and exactly to the point, and puts into works, his brilliant career. thanks for making feel a little better.

  125. marinagoldie says:

    No words can explain how sorry I am, I wish He found peace!

  126. marinagoldie says:

    No words can explain how sorry I am for this big loss: I hope that he found peace. all my love….

  127. Icecream_4_Icecream says:

    I heard this terrible news yesterday, and I still feel very sad – both because of the loss of an outstanding designer and because of the human despair that led to the tragedy. RIP

  128. MAComte says:

    Every scene he presented had magic and mystery. Like a wonderful contemporary art installation. Never ending creativity in his wonderful curiosity. May he fly like a falcon.

  129. Joaquin says:

    One of the most visionary designers of our time has departed. Maybe his last collection showed us his vision of how paradise looks, to where he was going. British fashion has suddenly been weakened significantly. RIP.

  130. lyndam says:

    a beautifully written piece, thankyou

  131. miamiolivia says:

    thank you Tim for those words. I was traveling when the news broke and heard it over the News at an airport. I had no real contact with anyone until my plane landed and felt suspended in time. I cannot seem to process that Alexander McQueen is actually gone. We all have tragedy that no one knows about, great and small. I feel so bad that he would be pushed to face that much despair to not want to see the light of another day, when he was obviously so loved and admired. To say that he will be terribly missed doesn’t even begin to touch what a tragic loss this is not only for the Fashion and Entertainment Industries, but for collective creativity. He was a master.

  132. LadyOfSorrowXx says:

    so sad..

  133. JoaVel says:


  134. DiorElieGirl says:

    I am overcome with shock.
    Alexander McQueen was one of the greatest designers this world has ever had. He was different, his work was risky yet he never doubted it. To learn that one of my favorite designers and role models has supposedly commited suicide is like losing a friend.

    I am at a loss of words. The world was a better place with him in it.

    RIP Alexander Queen.

  135. agnesita says:

    It was a big pleasure to have this fantastic person and fashion genesius in our world.
    Thank you God for knowing him. He will live in our hearts forever.
    Let he rests in peace.
    With big respect.

  136. Anablanch says:

    My heart and my imagination right now are longing for you, Alexander.
    I remember a beautiful picture of you with your dog Luicy, published in an special limited edition i-D with the theme FAMILY: FUTURE POSITIVE…..and it is.

  137. webdevcionka says:

    beautiful piece’s trully is a huge loss

  138. mmert says:

    I have no words,I am deeply saddened!

  139. jeans1968 says:

    i’am from romania,like him i’am designer.for me ,mcqueen is good in fashion.i dont belive in him die.dont forghet you

  140. styleaz says:

    Still in shock! TRUE LOST!!!

  141. andreverde says:

    Amazing that this happened just after his best collection ever… how Poetic…

  142. exquisitecruelty says:


  143. couturecandy says:

    I am truely shocked and the news yesterday seemed surreal he was the most innovative designers to date. The fashion week will be missing its spark of electricity.

  144. MarieElizabeth says:

    he was blessed with the grace of God and is trully beautiful

  145. georginacookie says:

    So beautifully written Tim, so deeply sad poor guy, the highs and lows of a creative genius. I hope he knew what an inspiration he was to so many.
    May he rest in peace.

  146. jubu says:

    One of the greatest designers ever. R.I.P. Alexander McQueen.

  147. LOVEAGENT7 says:

    You will truly be missed !

  148. lindsaydimarzo says:

    alexander mcqueen was one of the best, original designers of our time. he will always be remembered and forever missed by the whole industry. looking threw fashion mags, alexander mcqueen always made you stop and look. he was an amazingly talented man. its sad that he couldn;t see what so many people could, rest in peace

  149. free2rod says:

    A true master of his craft, the KING of fashion is dead, so is fashion. Long live the KING. RIP Your Highness.

  150. Jose58296 says:

    He will always be an some one I look up to.

  151. raquelopeznic says:

    The world of fashion has lost a true genius!!! So sad. RIP Alexander McQueen.

  152. assolis says:

    It is not necessarily sad that he has passed, life, after all must take its course. however, it is a great misfortune to those of us who admired his work that Alexander McQueen will no longer be part of our world to in fact make it better. He was truly a remarkable artist, a visionary. Not only in fashion but in the creation of beauty, that which makes this world more elegant, more distinguished, more exciting, more marvelous. May he be in peace, and may he have found what he was searching. The rest of us now must certainly simply accept that there will simply never be another Alexander McQueen, and be grateful that there was.

  153. bundasik says:

    we loves Alexander, forever!!!

  154. Mitten says:

    This was very nicely written, at a time when thoughtfully expressing ones emotions must be so difficult. RIP, Alexander McQueen. You will be very missed.

  155. thomasng3 says:

    It is so awful and truly shocking to hear of his sudden death. His clothes are so beautiful and will be missed. Speaking of clothes, there are some Alexander McQueen I’ve found on Gilt not too long ago. I recommend anybody to grab them before they become collector’s item! You do have to register but here is the exclusive link:

  156. PrincessRobot says:

    My heart hurts.

  157. flashflashflash says:

    RIP, a true fashion king.

  158. gareend says:

    A major loss for the fashion world…He wll be missed but always remembered for his talent. My thoughts about this tragedy:

  159. athira says:

    a terrible news to hear of. a death an artist is a tragedy

  160. Lancielass says:

    I think we should be able to see his Fall 2010 collection. It would be a celebration of his life, and I think it’s a mistake to deprive his loyal fans. I’m heartbroken.
    The show must go on!

  161. Lancielass says:

    I just started a group called:
    “We want to see Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2010 collection”
    on facebook. To celebrate the life of a great artist.
    Please join.

  162. Lancielass says:

    I just started a group “We want to see Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2010 collection”
    You know where, please join.

  163. FrankyChan says:

    I don’t know what to say. He was one of the greatest designers today, and I just can’t believe the fact that he’s gone. What a fucking shame. The only thing there is to cheer this situation up is that his designs will never die. RIP

  164. EmilieeMarie says:

    Days later and I still can’t believe it. It really bothers me when I mention his death and people are like “McQueen who??” deeply saddening, but at least some people appreciate what he poured his life into. Thankyou McQueen for all you brought to the fashion industry, you will be HUGELY missed.

  165. cekane says:

    I don’t know why it’s taken four days for me to find out about Alexander McQueen’s death, but I am totally shocked! He was a favorite, and I am so saddened to hear of his passing. He will be missed by so many for a very long time to come.

  166. sshilpee says:

    it is a second shock , the first was Versace
    Why creative genius leave so early.

  167. dawnbell says:

    Long live McQueen! Very nice tribute Tim..I follow your fashion reports.Alexander McQueen was a brilliant light,and I will miss his inspiration. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

  168. Pandasplease says:

    This is so hard to believe… McQueen was the first designer I fell in love with. A first anything is always hard to let go of. His talent was as unimaginable as it was inspirational. The disappointment of never seeing a new McQueen collection is only alleviated by the long line of genius fashion he’s left with us. Thank you so much, McQueen, for being someone we’ve desperately needed in the world.

  169. vicomeus says:

    There are so many designers out there but there are very very few who I can say that are Truly truly talented like Mister Mcqueen may he RIP.

  170. punarnava says:

    You were my only favourite designer

    whom do i look upto now

  171. yellowsubmarine_m6 says:

    Alexander McQueen was truely a genius and will forever live on through the threads of every fashion foward human who fully understood his passion and talent.

  172. ang2ang says:

    I lleke Alexander Mcqueen so much

  173. IBTFashion says:

    McQueen Exhibits attracts most visitors in Met history:

  174. mbt says:

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