August 30 2014

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Did We Just Find Out Marc Jacobs’ Valentine’s Day Plans?


We’re still waiting on details about Marc Jacobs’ after-party, but his other half, Lorenzo Martone, is getting behind events left and right this New York fashion week. His PR and talent agency, ARC New York, is throwing a bash to end the week on the 18th, but before then he’s hosting a Butt magazine Valentine’s Day dance party with cover boy Kele Okereke that he promises will be full of “hot men.” It’s hot chicks, or more specifically, one hot chick named Iris Strubegger, who will be the draw at the dinner he’s hosting on February 12 at the Box for Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais. The catwalker stars alongside vintage Ruffian designs in a new short film, La Demimondaine, by director Sandro Suppnig, that will be screened post-repast.



  1. le_smoking says:

    I hope Marc will be there.

  2. Sustainably_Yours says:

    Prairie Organic Vodka will be there from 10-11pm (Vday).

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