August 27 2014

styledotcom In a sea of #Emmys red, @nlyonne stood out in @openingceremony. Humberto Leon discusses:

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He Shoots To Thrill


The new Fashion Loves collective, dedicated to bringing together fashion and art culture, declared its first love at the Bell House last night: photographer Hanuk Kim (pictured), better known—like Cher or Madonna—simply as Hanuk. Trained as a fashion designer, Hanuk dedicated himself to shooting the scene instead, and has made a career of being, it seems, everywhere and snapping, it seems, everyone—or so at least it seemed from his party last night, where the walls were lined with on-the-town photos starring many of the attendees. But that’s part of the fun. “Who doesn’t love looking at pictures of themselves?” murmured one partygoer (even if a few of the more mercilessly candid options may have had the sitters wishing for a real-life de-tag option). Despite the enormous number of photos Hanuk has taken over the years, the evening was his first public exhibition, hosted by friends (and, of course, subjects) like Fashion Loves’ Bozhena Orekhova, GQ‘s Damien Nunes, Prabal Gurung, and Derek Blasberg. It was charming to see the mirth in Hanuk’s eyes—pride, of course, though perhaps brightened by the Belvedere—as he flitted around the show, whirring camera in hand. (A lost memory card threatened to derail the evening’s documentation, but it was luckily recovered in an obscure corner of the basement.) Taking pictures of the crowd admiring pictures of the crowd? Welcome to the hall of mirrors, where it’s best not to overthink. How could you, really, when confronted with the infectious enthusiasm of the lensman himself? “Fa-a-bulous!” he tittered, literally jumping into the air after composing a particularly pleasing shot. Then he darted away to take another.

Photo: Marc Dimov / Patrick McMullan

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