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In London, A Turkish Delight


The first day of London fashion week is habitually a bit of a cozy domestic affair, mostly modeled by new faces and attended by assistants, but lo! At lunchtime today the full power of international fashion friendship networking was almost surreally visited upon The Old Dairy on Wakefield Street. There on the runway were Natalia Vodianova, Lara Stone, Mariacarla Boscono, and Natasha Poly. There in the audience, Kate Moss, Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Alt, Stephen Gan, et al. The draw? Not a Londoner but a fresh arrival from Turkey, Hakaan Yildrim, a well-known designer who dresses the high-profile media and social glamorati of Istanbul. His all-guns-blazing debut on the Western runway was, it turns out, thanks to his compatriot Mert Alas (one half of Mert & Marcus), who corralled all his friends’ support. What they saw: well-made clothes in the short-tight-sexy mold, treated to cutting techniques involving rippling stand-up frills; peplums; overlapping, interwoven diagonals; and spaghetti strips of leather. There was a lot of intricate work in it—a touch too much in places—but the quality was inarguable and the styling, with the outcrops of ostrich, puts him somewhere in the slipstream of Riccardo Tisci.

Photo: Courtesy of Hakaan



  1. stylaholicCreature says:

    this is a great look. it makes me wonder where one could wear this besides “2001: A Space Oddessey” re-make. I find it hard to merge real life dress up with aesthetically appealing looks….

  2. drwho says:

    wow…i must say its just so great!!
    just saw all the looks in and this brand looks very promising
    it feels so wearable and so focused…not trying to hard but super desirable….i cant wait for next HAKAAN show!

  3. HolaMODA says:

    OMG i love this look. couldn’t find the rest at!!!

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