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Karlie Kloss For DVF


DVF‘s most prominent spokeswoman has always been Diane herself, but as the label’s new Christopher Niquet-styled lookbook shows, there’s plenty of room for Karlie, too. The model takes to the streets of Manhattan in the Spring 2010 collection for the season’s lookbook, and the DVF team has given us an exclusive peek at the shooting in progress. Check it out below.



  1. wildhorses says:

    who did the music?

  2. mermer6 says:

    Mates of State did the music! Goods All in Your Head

  3. instinctualanimal says:

    am I the only one that thinks this video seems to be trying just a little too hard? its like a big time fast fashion house trying to be low fi and rootsy- I would rather see a company like this lead the way and do something really conscious and forward. not try to be something they aren’t. ick

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