August 27 2014

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Lily Allen On Why She’s Ditching Music For Fashion


“Fashion is now what I’m doing—it’s a whole new adventure for me,” said Lily Allen today in West Sussex, confirming rumors she’s leaving music behind. “My last gig is at the O2 on March 7, and that’s about it.” Next up: a vintage shop Allen and her sister Sarah Owen will curate, called Lucy in Disguise.

“To me, the idea of music and fashion being separate is just not possible—one can’t exist without the other. Look back to the Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood. They’ve always had music, fashion, and design all mixed together.” So, fittingly, the shop will debut in August at England’s Goodwood Festival, a chichi fest billed as “Glastonbury without the mud.” (Literally—floors are put down, so it’s adieu to the Hunter boots.) The festival will play host to a variety of vintage stalls and shops, where Lucy in Disguise will bow before moving to a permanent London home farther down the line. Allen and Owen will cherry-pick vintage pieces for the shop under the mentorship of Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, the English vintage gurus who have helped turned Camden Market into the destination it is today. As for those other fashion godparents—like, say, Karl Lagerfeld, who picked her as the face of Chanel? They’re exerting their influence, too. “The thing I love about vintage is that it’s all incredibly well made, like Chanel—it lasts forever. Hopefully, Lucy in Disguise will be an education as well, teaching customers there’s something other than mass-produced rubbish.”

Photo: Richard Young / Startraks Photo



  1. stylaholicCreature says:

    isn’t this the same girl who wore the hideous leopard print robe, I mean “coat” with the babydoll dress that she says is “back”. Maybe she should be sticking with her day job…

  2. flamingo12 says:

    Lucy in Disguise is the name of a costume shop in Austin, Texas. I can’t believe she is stealing the name!!

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