August 23 2014

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Rag & Bone, Plus A Little Help From Their Friends


Rag & Bone’s David Neville and Marcus Wainwright have been on a roll with their menswear, mixing up American influences and their British roots to create a distinctive signature. They’ve done it again for Fall with a collection that layered sturdy tweeds, lodens, and Fair Isles, perfect for a hike in the Lake District, with a plaid and camo vintage flavor that hinted at Seattle grunge. Though everything was shown with scarves, beanies, hiking boots, and hitched up, gartered socks, there was always a sense of streamline, rather than winter bulk, testament to the real Factor X in this presentation—Vanessa Reid’s styling. True, Neville and Wainwright gave her the ingredients, but she whisked up the recipe, from the first look’s layering of Fair Isle sweater and camo vest with a cardigan (also in Fair Isle) knotted around the waist and plaid shirttails flying (the trousers in charcoal Harris Tweed) to the closing symphony of shadows: black blazer and shirt-jacket topped with a cutaway coat in charcoal cashmere. Another reason for Neville and Wainwright’s steady march forward is that they’ve got the smarts to pick such collaborators. Speaking of which, Thom Yorke was back doing the music. He does love his Battles, doesn’t he?
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Photo: Andrew Thomas

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