July 14 2014

styledotcom Diane Kruger in @MaryKatrantzou, and more of the best red carpet moments this week:

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Size K8


We may well be living in the Age of the Size Issue. There are still plenty of stick-thin girls, God knows, and now a few plus-sized figures in the glossies, too, but here’s a question: What about the regular girls? The ones neither Rubenesque or Giacometti-ish, but just plain old average size? For these ladies, performance artist K8 Hardy is boldly stepping into the breach. Hardy, whose zine Fashionfashion was recently installed (in an oversized version) at the Tate Modern, is launching a new collection with Nolita’s JF & Son, and she’s using herself—a size 8—as the fit model. Called J’APPROVE, the collection draws on her artistic experiences for inspiration—hence boxy smocks from the studio, embellished hot pants from the stage—and it will debut at JF & Son in a day-long presentation on February 17. Hardy herself will be modeling the looks, presumably with an artistic flourish, but this isn’t a performance: The garments will be available for sale at the shop or online the same day. Nous approvons, aussi.

Photo: Courtesy of JF & Son



  1. athenablues says:

    I hear you Maya, there was a very similar article on Evil Monito a couple weeks ago. Tell me where do us normal girls go?

  2. dieselgrl says:

    Its great that someone is focusing on average sized girls but an 8 is not average. Lets try for a 4 or 6?

  3. dieselgrl says:

    Its great that someone is focusing on average sized girls but an 8 should not be a socially acceptable average. A size 4 or 6 promotes a lean yet average medium.

  4. MarieElizabeth says:

    how realistic and refreshing!

  5. nic_chic says:

    I’m a 4/6 and this is awesome. I’d be happy to model or do fittings to represent the 4/6, 5’4 average American girl! Give me a call fashion industry, I’ll make sure to keep my lines clear. I won’t be holding my breath though. Haha

  6. take2daydiet says:

    nice picture

  7. wikedviki says:

    dieselgrl: I think the photos are beautiful, and socially acceptable…k8 looks lean and I’m sure any sane physician would consider her body type “socially acceptable”. Size is relative–I’m a sz 4,8, and 10…you should not quantify clothing size as “socially acceptable”. That’s how proportion perception and body image problems began.

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