August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Style.Com Asks The Hard Questions (About Cookies)


Last night, Scott Sternberg ate George Clooney’s head. At his Band of Outsiders presentation, we couldn’t resist presenting the designer and newly minted cookie blogger with a few cookies for review, including one with Clooney’s likeness iced on the top. (It was from a series of Academy Award nominees.) The verdict: “Funny idea, but that’s a bad cookie.” Also bad: a peanut butter option (stale) and a chocolate chip (which got a silent grimace and a head shake). Only a buttery blondie, which Sternberg says does count as a cookie, passed muster, which raises the question: Why is the Chelsea Market’s cookie specialist doing so many things wrong? Of course, a larger question presented itself, too. “I like cookies, and I like to write, so…” Sternberg said with a shrug when asked why he’d chosen to launch his online critiques. “I feel like cake is a little too much,” he added, “and I like a brownie, but I’m not that into chocolate, honestly. I’m just a cookie guy. A cookie guy, and a noodle guy. So this is sort of my life through cookies.” Is there a noodle blog soon to come? “I’m having a hard enough time managing the calorie count as it is,” he said. “And anyway,” Sternberg went on, gesturing at his elaborate Fall 2010 installation, “I’ve got enough on my plate.” So to speak.

Photo: John Whitledge



  1. swimdannym says:

    I don’t blog about cookies or sweets but I blog about art and fashion.

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