August 21 2014

styledotcom The former team behind a cult denim brand open up Sydney's new hot spot:

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How’s this for a Love letter? To coincide with its already much discussed third issue—yes, that would be the one with the naked supermodel covers—the U.K.-based glossy has filmed a video valentine featuring a few good (half-naked) women. Created by visual effects artist James Lima (who also worked on a little movie called Avatar) and the mag’s own Katie Grand, this project aims to redefine the fashion film as we know it. is thrilled to be premiering the full video this Valentine’s Day, February 14. In the meantime, here’s a brief trailer to whet your appetite (fashion fans will be pleased to note that the few clothes that do appear on screen are all by Prada).



  1. lovecouture1 says:

    What the *&%$ kinda “teaser” was THAT!!??? Don’t blink or you might miss…nothing!

  2. seevenice says:

    hahah at lovecouture1….exactly my thought!

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