September 2 2014

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Welcome To The Hotel Moschino, Your Ball-Gown Bed Awaits


Mid-priced hotels have never been Milan’s strong point. So to be served one, styled by Moschino, was a treat, especially as the house promised more of the surreal, fairy-tale chic that’s always characterized its collections. They didn’t disappoint. On a tour of the premises with Pixie Lott, the English songstress booked to perform the launch party, we found a bedspread of velvet rose petals, a tree-branch four-poster bed, and theme rooms like “Sleeping in a Ballgown” (the bed is attached to a trompe l’oeil dress) and “Half Room,” where everything inside has been halved. (The room, it goes without saying, rents for full, not half, price.)

At the party, Lott took to the stage for an acoustic medley, one that was mostly lost on the Italian audience, who used the time to chat on their mobiles, scope the scene, and strike poses. They responded better to the DJ set by actress/director Asia Argento and sang along to Joan Jett, the Beastie Boys, and Wham. We asked Argento about her recent-vintage playlist. “Sadly, I can only relate to music of the past,” she said. “The contemporary sound is too fast, too packaged. The world is suffering from the malaise of a materialistic convolution from which there is no return….” Translation, near as we can come to it: She Loves Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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