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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Carey Mulligan’s Photo Finish


One of the photographic-print looks from Miuccia Prada’s Spring show has been at the top of our must-buy list—along with a pair of her swishy-crystal Lucite sandals, might we add—but we’re not surprised that the kitschy prints haven’t yet been embraced by Hollywood A-listers. Technicolor beaches and lounging vacationers are hard to pull off, and the lure of the more conventional-skewing Best-Dressed List is hard to resist. So kudos to Carey Mulligan for having the guts to rock this playful frock at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this weekend. We think her gamine looks perfectly suit Prada’s latest collection. What do you think? Does Mulligan shine here, or are you too busy staring at the beachgoers on her skirt?

Photo: Courtesy of Prada



  1. Airheather says:

    She looks GREAT!

  2. fashionunravelled says:

    ya, im loving this piece from prada the chic summery print complements the the simplicity of the cut!

  3. kyleejo18 says:

    She looks stunning!

  4. adhitawakal says:

    Yes, she looks great. The right shoes, earrings, and clutch to go with the dress. Everything goes together. Well done.

  5. mercuryloge says:

    i think it was a nice choice and looks fine – the mighty ms. prada’s sometimes tongue-in-cheek stylings may pass the average american millionaire by entirely – i think the learned writer appreciates that the prints weren’t meant to be kitschy and don’t look it, more part of ms. prada’s ongoing social commentary …..; still, i’m not crazy about the prints personally !! \,,/ twitter

  6. shawanda says:

    Love it. Knew it was Prada the moment I saw it.

  7. NotMod says:

    Please, tell me there is a Judith Leiber confection i the shape of … a cake, or one of those round, striped lollipops, to put this costume in the right mood!

    Perhaps just one time, then and there, it was OK, like wearing one’s own cartoon on a dress shirt. Almost anything goes once.

  8. patternperson says:

    She looks adorable.

  9. GhostFromTheWardrobe says:

    I think it looks suprisingly good here. I’m not a fan of this collection, it just doesn’t work for me. But on this girl it looks good.

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