August 20 2014

styledotcom Diane Kruger's '90s hair accessory made us do a double take:

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A Champagne Supernova In The Stores, A Nineties Sitcom Star On The Web, And More…


Oasis’ Liam Gallagher (pictured)—better known for drunken brawls and fraternal strife—is launching a collection of womenswear. If his Brit pop experience is anything to go by, he’ll probably break it up and then rejoin it again several times just to keep things interesting. [NY Mag]

Apparently, not every label got on the whole dot-com thing fast enough. Several fashion brands don’t seem to own their own names, which is why a visit to won’t turn up killer leather jackets—it’ll bring you to an ad for natural colon cleansers. ( An aerosol thrush treatment for pets. A construction company in Wales.) Luckily, if you’re looking for any them, is pretty easy to remember. [FWD]

Donna Karan isn’t into live streaming. But she’ll be live streaming on Friday. But it’ll be Spring merchandise, not Fall. She’s been a vocal advocate for demystifying fashion’s Spring-ahead/Fall-behind seasonal schedule, but to be honest, we’re kinda confused. [WWD]

There is a blog out there devoted exclusively to the fashion and style of The Nanny. And Roseanne. And Claudia from The Baby-sitters Club. Thank you, Internet. [Refinery29]

Photo: Shirlaine Forrest / Getty Images